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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Precious Jezzie Ohhh my

Precious Jezzie Ohhh my dat does looks so good. Coulds momma and I habs a smpler plate pwease wiif ornagie juice and da hot tea? Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Hai, Jezzie an da Momma! maek it heer tadaee! Graet ya koold Wormhole Bistro Mornin Miss Precious Jezzie ans Auntie Pam! Me habs fur mew boff 2 full Brekkie platters wiff da icy colds glass ob Orange Juice ans da hot cuppa Tea tu enjoys tuday Precious Jezzie Ohh dis is perfect. We tanks you so much Precious Jezzie Pookie & Starlight We nots bes a busy as normal BOL. Momma is takin it a bit easy Wormhole Bistro Mew bes most weliecomes Miss Precious Jezzie ans Auntie Pam Dawn Barela YUMMY!! May I have the steak and eggs, some croissants with butter and jam, some blueberry crepes with whippy creams and a glass of milk please? Wormhole Bistro Hai n mornins tu mew Auntie Dawn, me habs fur mew's Brekkie noms tuday sums ob da Steak n Eggies wiff pan frys, sums Croissants wiff budda n jam ans da order ob da Blooberry Crepes wiff whippie cweams ans da tall glass ob icy colds Milk tu enjoys Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Hai, Auntie Dawn! Dawn Barela Thank you Skitters!! How are you today? Wormhole Bistro Mew bery weliecomes Auntie Dawn ans me bes gud tuday but bery buzy gettin eberyfings ready fur laters! How bes mew tuday? Dawn Barela Hi Starlie, Troubie and Pookie!! Happy Caturday!!

Dawn Barela I am good. I am going to go take a quick nap. Wormhole Bistro Enjoys mew's kitty nap Auntie Dawn Susan Siefers Let's start out slow, HoneyBun. I see a white frosted sweet roll on the buffet. How about starting with that, and a big bowl of kitty milk. I think we can share a plate of bacon, and I'm going to have a bloody Mary. Oh, look, dill pickle spears instead of celery. I wonder if that was Oreo's idea. Wormhole Bistro Oh yeah, Oreo did hab kwait sum da paw in da purrparaeshunz! Da plaet da bakum, da bowl da kitteh milkie an da bloodie Mary gonna be rite heer fur ya! Susan Siefers Thanks, Pookie. You kitties, Garcon, Mabel and her girls, you have all done an amazing job of decorating. Wormhole Bistro Dank ya ferree mutsh, Auntie Susan! Lauren Spiridigliozzi Beautiful table Wormhole Bistro Oh, Lexi-Girl be heer! Our Miss Lexi habs arribed in her usual fashion ans bes ready tu wurkie rites away! Nicki Czalbowski Flick Oh dat noise could only mean 1 fing,Lexi on her skates agin-bang-boom-littul fur-ball lands on all 4's- "I iz here",she squeaks,embarrassed at the racket she made. Liz Reeve Oh noo's! Lexi did you hurt yourself???

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