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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Lauren Spiridigliozzi

Lauren Spiridigliozzi Thank you, Oreo! Dawn Widener Pratt Mew be bery welkom Auntie Lauren an Pooky. Lauren Spiridigliozzi **Pooky ** Mommy and I had a great time at the party! Thank you for inviting us! We are headed home. Night night! Wormhole Bistro Bai, Pooky an Auntie Lauren, an dank ya fur habbin komm tadaee! nite an sweet dreemz! See ya soon, okaee? Hab da good Lauren Spiridigliozzi See you tomorrow, sweetie! Dawn Widener Pratt Bai. Haz da gud night. Lauren Spiridigliozzi Good night, Buck! Wormhole Bistro Now Skitters brins out sums Fwesh Fwuit ans Veggies wiff dip snackies, sums Chocolatey cobered Strawberrys, ans sums Shrimpies in Wonton Cups.

Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi> mee finks meez needs a shrimpie,as she sits down to nibble a shrimpy & da sweet strawberry...YUM!!! She purrs.. Dawn Widener Pratt (Zooms to the table) Hai Lexi. I haz fur mew da nize bowl da kitty milk wiff da bakon stwaw in caze mew be thursty. Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi> fank youz Buck,dat be gud.. Dawn Widener Pratt Youse be so da welkom Lexi. Dawn Barela Yum!! I fill a plate with assorted fruits and veggies and several of the chocolate strawberries. Pat Gancarski Luke&Dillon~ Oooo shrimps! We want some of those!. Some strawberries too. We need to bring extra of them for Ma to has some too. Susan Siefers Oh, my, that looks good (must be good, too, as HoneyBun has snatched a pawful of shrimpies), but it's been a long afternoon, and we have to head for home. Thank you, all of you, for a wonderful day. Shaddie, it was great to see you again. Collin, Charlie, you sounded great. (Waves to Angel Auntie Jacky who is talking to Coppy.) All of you who made it a point to visit from the Bridge, thank you, and I hope to see you again. Garcon, Mabel, you and your crew did an amazing job. Good night, everyone.

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