1 year ago

Ginger Boys Concert at the Friends Appreciation Day

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oh,

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oh, just wonderful...! Dawn Widener Pratt Buck, Oreo, and Auntie Dawn come sliding down the wormhole just in time for the wonderful concert. The Ginger Boys are our favorite! Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Oh, HAI, Auntie Dawn, Buck an Oreo! happee ya did maek it back in taim fur da konzert! Uz be Dawn Widener Pratt Hi Troubie, Pookie, and Starlie. We LOVE the Ginger Boys. We are so glad to be here. Carol Dorr Love this song Liz Reeve Yes there never is enough time...(sad). Pookie & Starlight (snuggles up to his Auntie and wraps her into his wings) Dawn Widener Pratt Hai Auntie Liz and Cleo. I juz lubs da Ginger Boys. Dey be my faboritez. Good to seez mews here tuday. Liz Reeve Hi Buck! Good to see you too! Dawn Widener Pratt (Waves to Auntie Liz and her friend Cleo) Liz Reeve Oreo! You are here too!!! Dawn Widener Pratt Yup Auntie Liz & Cleo. Iz be herez tou. I lubs da Ginger Boys also. Dey singz so da goud. Liz Reeve They really do!

Pat Gancarski Go Collin! ❤ ❤ ❤ Liz Reeve Hurray for Collin! Susan Siefers I hope Garcon is recording this so HoneyBun can have a CD. Oh, and so we have a hologram of all our friends. Wormhole Bistro Certainly, Madam. The full recording will be available as soon as cut and edited. Pat Gancarski Thank you Garcon! I think this CD will be a smash hit! HoneyBun's Mews And I can listen to it at home, and watch da hologram here. Den I neber forget. Pat Gancarski I think we may see them sing together again HoneyBun. But today's concert was very special. None of us will ever forget it. Audra Gednalske Wonderful song Dawn Widener Pratt Hai Auntie Audra. Nize tu see mew at da concert. Audra Gednalske Thank you Buck Dawn Widener Pratt Youse is welkom. Enshooy da show. Dawn Barela I love this song!! you sing it so well!! Nette Garner We had this song at our wedding 30 years ago in Oct.