1 year ago

Ginger Boys Concert at the Friends Appreciation Day

Liz Reeve

Liz Reeve What a lovely picture of them both. Susan Siefers I think Ceiling Cat is a romantic at heart. Pookie & Starlight Oh yes, him be... Audra Gednalske What a beautiful picture Dawn Widener Pratt Such da luberly couple. Youse kan tell it be da twue lub! Pat Gancarski Pat and Collin hugs each other. Charlie Girl give her Ma kisses and makes happy puppy noises. I'm so happy to see you both. Dillon and Luke gave big smiles on their faces seeing their Brother Collin and Sister Charlie Girl again. We loved singing wif you again they tell Collin. Pat Gancarski Aww look at Shad and Bonnie, together again. They have always made a gorgeous couple. ❤ ❤ Wormhole Bistro Shad n Bonnie Luv come back from their stroll together and Shad walks up to Skitters and put his paw out n shakes then gives his a huge hug! Thanks Brudder fur lookie abter me bootiful Bonnie Luv, momma, dadman ans da Bistro fur me Wormhole Bistro Then Shad, Bonnie Luv and Skitters goes over tu GMa Pat ans gibs her hooge hugs ans Shad n Skitter's momma join dem awl fur hugs, kisses, n cuddles! Pat Gancarski Hi GS Shad!Hi Bonnie! It's wonderful to see you two together again. ❤ ❤ Quincey and Bonnie It's been so wonderful to see all our dear furiends again - Shad and Collin and our little Minnie we will all have wonderful dreams tonight

Pat Gancarski It has been great to see Collin, Shad, Charlie Girl, Minnie and all our friends again. We are so glad that you could all be here today too, Bonnie, Quincey, Emily and Joey. ❤ ❤ Lil Oscars Wagon MURPHY > "WUFF" Ai emm gwad dey git sum Tyme tugethurrs Dawn Barela What a beautiful sight!! I love seeing you together!! You are gorgeous in green Miss Bonnie!! Gomez CatStar ooh! So beautiful! I think I am still learning.