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Stop at this point

Stop at this point and disuss the following with a partner. 1. Where has Shackleton failed? 2. Where has Shackleton and his crew succeeded? 3. What should Shackleton do next? 4. How should Shackleton respond to their situation? 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 17

The Shackleton Expedition – Part 2 After the Endurance sank, leaving the men stranded on the ice with three small lifeboats, several tents and supplies, Shackleton realized that he himself had to embody the new survival mission — not only in what he said and did, but also in his physical bearing and the energy he exuded. When a few men expressed skepticism about his plans, he acted quickly to contain their opposition and negativity by trying to win them over and keeping close watch on them. He assigned several potential troublemakers to his own tent on the ice, proving the value of the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The men camped on the ice. They had to hope killer whales didn’t tip them into the freezing water. By April 1916, the ice began breaking up, and Shackleton ordered the men to the lifeboats, hoping to reach land along the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. After a week of stormy seas, they arrived at the deserted Elephant Island. They were exhausted, seasick and dehydrated. But they took “childish joy,” one scientist wrote in his diary, “in looking at the black rocks and picking up the stones, for we had stepped on no land since Dec. 5, 1914.” After all of that time, Elephant Island was only 100 miles from their abandoned ship. The island was barren and more than 800 miles away from the nearest inhabited land. They knew no one would find them. They were exhausted. They were cold. They were running out of food. Shackleton knew this more than anyone. He knew what he had to do. Almost immediately, Shackleton began planning his next move. Along with five other men, he managed to guide a 22-­‐foot lifeboat to South George Island; from there, a smaller party reached a whaling station and help. After a meal, a bath and a change of clothes, Shackleton said, “we had ceased to be savages and had become civilized men again.” 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 18

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