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Shackleton decided to

Shackleton decided to leave most of the group behind and sail to the nearest inhabited island with five men to get help. It was the last thing they wanted to do. It was winter and they were in the stormiest ocean in the world. The journey would be extremely dangerous. The waves were like mountains. The sea spray froze and their boat nearly sank with the weight of the frozen spray. They nearly sank in storms. They were constantly cold and wet. They were running out of water. Two weeks later they saw South Georgia. But they couldn’t land. A ferocious gale nearly wrecked their ship and they had to spend two more nights on the water. And even once they finally managed to land, they still had to cross to the inhabited side of the island, over land that had never been crossed before. They climbed almost 1000 meters. They couldn’t stop to rest, or they would freeze to death in the snow. They walked for twenty six hours During the next several months, he set sail in three different ships, but none could cut through the pack ice surrounding Elephant Island. Finally, on Aug. 30, 1916, aboard the Yelcho, a Chilean steamer, Shackleton sailed within sight of the island and rescued the 22 remaining men. “I have done it,” he wrote his wife, Emily. “Not a life lost, and we have been through hell.” 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 19

Stop at this point and discuss the following with a new partner. 1. Did Shackleton Succeed? Why or Why Not? 2. What made the most difference in achieving the final outcome? 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 20

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