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Navigator Leadership

Navigator Leadership Institute The Navigator Leadership Institute will bring together the best and brightest new members for activities designed to chart their lifetime development as a member of Phi Mu Delta. Members are nominated by their chapter/colony and are sponsored by alumni who agree to both financially support the attendee, and serve as a mentor. Members are expected to make a high level of commitment to the values of Phi Mu Delta and to serve as role models and ambassadors throughout their lifetime of membership. 4:00-­‐5:30 7:00-­‐8:00 8:00-­‐9:15 Navigator Day One -­‐ Thursday 3:00 Welcome Chapter Meeting One: Teambuilding 5:30 Dinner Navigator Session One: Personal Leadership Practices -­‐ LPI Chapter Meeting Two: Understanding of Self 9:15 ChapterBuilder Training with TechniPhi Navigator Day Two -­‐ Friday 8:00 Breakfast 9:00 – 10:15 Navigator Session 2: Exploration 10:30-­‐11:45 12:00 Lunch Chapter Meeting Three: Charting a Course 1:00 -­‐3:00 Ropes Course 3:30-­‐5:00 Navigator Session Three: The Fraternity Journey 5:30 Dinner 7:30 – 8:30 Navigator Session Four: Membership for Life -­‐ Alumni Panel 8:45-­‐11:00 Brotherhood Session: Night Walk / Creed Talk 11:00 Brotherhood Time 8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast 9:00-­‐9:30 9:30-­‐11:30 12:00 Lunch 1:00-­‐3:00 Navigator Day Three -­‐ Saturday Brotherhood Session: Service Brotherhood Service Project Chapter of the Year Presentations & Undergraduate Representative Elections 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 1

3:00-­‐5:00 Navigator: Connections / Personal Action Planning 5:00-­‐6:00 SUPER SECRET POND TIME!! 6:00-­‐8:00 Awards Dinner 8:00-­‐10:00 Chapter Meeting Four: Imprinting Your Plan 10:00 Brotherhood Time Sapphire Day 4 8:30-­‐9:30 Breakfast 9:30-­‐10:30 Graduation 11:00 Departure 2017 Navigator Leadership Institute Participant Manual Page 2

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