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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

Chapter Meeting Two:

Chapter Meeting Two: Finding Your Why Day One: 8:00-9:15pm Objectives • Apply “Starting With Why” to participants own lives and experiences • Reflect on and share the experiences that have shaped participants own lives and perspectives 5/5 Welcome Back to Chapter Facilitators should take a few moments to welcome chapter members back to the chapter experience and review the purpose of the chapter meeting space – it is a time and opportunity to personalize the Sapphire experience and delve deeper into the content discussed and introduced in the Brotherhood sessions. 10/15 Finding Your Why 55/70 Crucibles WB Pages 12-13 We have talked a great deal about organizations, but let’s focus on you for a minute. • Why is finding and understanding our why important? As a brother? As someone who strives to lead? • Where does our Why come from? (Facilitator should listen for and steer the conversation to personal values) • Where do we learn our values? Where do they come from (Family, friends, experiences, etc…) Facilitator explains that there are defining moments in our lives that have had a significant impact on who we’ve become and what we care about These moments are so significant that they can be called crucibles. We have all had these moments. They are different for each of us. We call these moment crucibles because they are times and experience that test us to our limits. Our crucibles are the moments that shape who we are and help us understand and commit to our own personal sense of why. Sometimes our crucibles are easily identified. Others need to be discerned through reflection. For many of us, life changes are easily identified as personal crucibles. For example, going off to college for the first time, or joining Phi Mu Delta may be an example, because they have greatly shaped your current place in life. What are the other crucibles that have helped shape us? Understanding and sharing our crucibles is not just about reflecting on the moments that have shaped us. The real opportunity comes from discerning what we have learned as a result. Our crucibles help us solidify our values and mold us into the people that we are. At this time we are each going to do a little reflection to identify our crucibles and how they have shaped who and what we’ve become. We need to take this time very seriously in order for them to truly identify their crucibles and the personal values that these moments have solidified Participants complete Crucible exercise alone. After 10-15 minutes, go around your group and ask that each person share their crucibles 11

At the conclusion of the exercise, presenter brings group together to discuss the previous exercise. • Was the task easy or difficult? Why? • What common themes emerged as these were all shared. • What is the significance of completing the exercise and how does it tie into what we’re doing together? • Why is understanding your own crucibles important to being an effective leader? • How can you use this to understand and commit to your own concept of why? Crucibles Activity Adapted from North-American Interfraternity Conference 12

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