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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

Chapter Meeting Three:

Chapter Meeting Three: Reflecting on My Why Day Two: 3:30-5:00pm Objectives • Debrief the Ropes Course • Provide opportunity for structured contemplation and reflection 5/5 Welcome Back Welcome participants back and introduce our next session as contemplative and reflective time. 30/35 Accountability Follow-Up Think about accountability in your chapters. • What does accountability look like in your chapter? • How does accountability relate to your Why? It’s not a judicial board hearing or a screaming argument – those occur when the person is not held accountable in the beginning. • How do we hold our members accountable? • If we make a mistake, how do we want to held accountable? • What does this conversation look like? There’s a way to be brutally honest, without being brutal - Sam Waltemeyer (Mu Omicron) 40/75 Reflecting on My Why Invite the group to take the next forty minutes to spend some time in reflection. 15/90 For some of you, this might be scary and you might be thinking – damn – that is a long time, what am I going to think about for that long? For some of you, this is a welcome challenge. Either way – we challenge you to spend this time in thought about what we have done this afternoon, what we have done here at Sapphire and what it means for you, your chapter, and Phi Mu Delta as a whole. On WB pages 23-24 you will see a series of questions and blank space that will guide your process • What have you learned about yourself since beginning Sapphire? • What did you learn about yourself during the ropes course? • What challenged you the most? Why? • Reflect back on your crucibles – What have they taught you? What values have they revealed? • What is your own personal Why? Where does this come from? • How do you go about proving this? How can you do better? • How does accountability intersect with my crucibles and my Why? You can go anywhere you want in the camp, we ask that you do this alone, and that you do not go back to your cabin, room, etc… Be back at this meeting place at 4:45pm. Sleeping during this time will be a significant waste of your time! Have participants come back to the room at 4:45pm and invite a few of them to share what they contemplated and wrote down. Dismiss to break and dinner 17

Brotherhood Session: Our Collective Why Day Two: 7:30 – 8:45pm Objectives • Create an understanding and commitment to the Why of Phi Mu Delta 20/20 Our Collective Why WB Page 25 We have spent a great deal of time talking about the idea of starting with Why and applying that to ourselves and then our chapters, however, we are all here for something greater and that is for Phi Mu Delta. • How does “Starting With Why” relate to Phi Mu Delta? • Where or when do we learn about Phi Mu Delta’s purpose/ Phi Mu Delta’s Why? • What does Phi Mu Delta have that provides a “Why” (The Founders Creed, Ritual, Ceremonies, Traditions, etc..) • What purposes do these serve? • How do they provide all of us with a sense of purpose? • How are we collectively doing in inspiring others with that purpose? We are talking about Ritual, and the role of Ritual in fraternity. Ritual is our core; it is what gives us our identity. It is what makes Phi Mu Delta, Phi Mu Delta. It is what allows us to do everything else. • What does it tell us to do? • How can we put our Ritual into practice? • What does that look like? • How does that provide inspiration as an organization? To our brothers? To our peers in other chapters? 45/65 Lead Facilitator Testimonial Lead Facilitators should take this opportunity to share their own stories and thoughts related to presence, practice, and integration of Ritual into the daily fraternity experience. 10/75 Participant Reflection WB Page 26 Invite participants to reflect on the Why of Phi Mu Delta as it is revealed through the Ritual and the Founders Creed. • What does our creed and Ritual tell us to do? • What will I do better? • What will I expect my brothers to do better? • How will my chapter put our Why into practice? Dismiss participants to a short break where they can prepare for the night walk which well and at a campfire. We will be outside for the remainder of the evening, so please wear closed-toed shoes. Flashlights will not be necessary. If the space allows, direct participants to meet outside. 18

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