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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

Personal Action Planning

Personal Action Planning Day Three: 3:00 - 5:15 pm Objectives • Provide direct feedback to chapters about action plans • Provide ample time for participants to work on their Personal Action plan During this time block, participants will move together in blocks through a series of interactions/activities. Their assigned block will be posted early on during the institute so that they can get a feel for the flow. After all rotations, participants should return to the large group space and lead presenters should recap the afternoon and ask some participants to share their plans. Day Three Afternoon Schedule Time Block Chapter Consultation Brother Walk Personal Action Plan 3:00-3:40 A B C 3:40-4:20 C A B 4:20-5:00 B C A 5:00 Return to Large Group Adapted from North-American Interfraternity Conference, Inc. 21

40/40 Chapter Consultation WB Page 27-32 This thirty-minute block is designed to allow participants from one chapter to meet with 1-2 facilitators to discuss their thoughts and plans moving forward from Sapphire. Facilitator should use their best consulting skills as they work with participants and should concentrate on the following: Listening to the proposal. First step for the chapter is to be able to describe for you what they plan to “change.” They must be able to communicate their vision if they are ever expecting to lead others. It is critical that plans and goals are tangible. Asking clarifying questions. When the chapter has concluded sharing their plan, it is important that you ask questions which expand the plan and provide clarification. Providing feedback. It is important that facilitators point out strengths and limitations of the proposal. If there are glaring holes, suggest improvement. If there are bold plans, provide knowledge of existing support structures and/or resources. If the plan is limited in scope, suggest ways to expand. Conversely, if the plan is too broad and far reaching, suggest ways to address components. Identify potential pitfalls and/or small wins. Using your experience, give participants knowledge of how things have worked in other places, ideas/solutions they may not have considered, and ways to achieve small wins. Offering support. Give students encouragement and motivation as they move forward. It is very important that your consulting time does not turn into a whine fest or advisor bashing. Help the participants concentrate on their plan. 40/40 Personal Action Plan During the morning, each participant will have the chance to work for a total of 40 minutes on their personal action plan This is not free time, recreation time, workout time, etc. This is self-directed leadership time. If they don’t have a change agenda that can fill 40 minutes then they haven’t worked hard enough. Even leaders from the best organizations can identify improvement items that will take this amount of time. 22

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