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Facilitator Guide 2017 FINAL

40/40 Brother Walk

40/40 Brother Walk Presenter will intentionally pair brothers from different chapters into pairs and give them the following directions: You are going to spend the next 40 minutes getting some exercise and taking a nice afternoon walk. Please keep it to pairs, and don’t allow participants to cluster together in big groups. Spend some time walking and having a conversation with your partner about what your plans to strengthen your would mean for your community and the organization. What struggles do you think you’ll have? How will you get to those problematic members that would resist any change efforts? Send participants out to walk. 23

Chapter Meeting Four: The Bridge Builder Day Three: 8:00-10:00pm Objectives • Begin to provide participants an opportunity to think about what comes next after Sapphire? • Close out the chapter experience. 5/5 Welcome Welcome participants back to the chapter space and ask each of them to check in after the day. 20/25 The Bridge Builder WB Page 33 Ask a participant to read the Bridge Builder poem aloud. It can be found on page 33 10/35 Next Steps • What were you thinking and feeling as you heard this? • What is moral of this story? • How does it relate to our time at Sapphire? Our Curriculum? How have we practiced this concept while at Sapphire? • How does it relate to Phi Mu Delta? Our three values of Brotherhood, Service, Democracy? • How does it relate to our Ritual? • What are the bridges that we should be building for our brothers? • What is holding us back? Unfortunately, all of your brothers could not be here, so it is up to us to take this message back to our chapters and brothers. • How can you sustain the feelings of Sapphire? • How can you be resources and support people for each other? • What commitments will you make to each other? 75/110 Closure Activity Facilitators can plan activities that will bring closure to the chapter’s experience. This activity needs to match the personality that the group has developed. There should be time for reflection and the group closing activity. Suggested activities include: • Notes to Self: Have participants write themselves goal letters that you will send in three months. • Tap of Leadership: Opportunity for participants to provide each other with feedback. • Pass the Note: Have participants write notes to each other by passing around workbooks and writing on back covers or blank inside pages. • Teambuilding: Outlined below 5/115 Day Four Schedule 24

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