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KIDS Try our award-winning mobile apps My Pregnancy & Baby Today Parenthood Welcome Connect with other momsto-be due the same month as to your parenting you and learn from each other journey! Turn weekly bumpie pics of Let our your growing belly into a timelapse video keepsake beautifully designed, awardwinning app be your guide Track your baby with a kick with expert info, insights, counter and your labor with a and tips every day of your contraction timer pregnancy and your baby’s Get daily parenting guidance through your baby’s first year – all from the parenting destination trusted by 400 million parents Support, advice, reminders, first year worldwide. laughs, and everything else Get expert advice and you need as a new parent insights every day of your Track your baby's development with a personalized daily pregnancy Learn how your body is calendar changing and how to cope Get well-timed expert Find out you everything advice on sleep, feeding, you need to know to have the health, activities, and more healthiest pregnancy possible Organize photos of your Get well-timed tips and baby's "firsts" and funny advice from medical experts moments all in one place every day Connect with moms of See what your baby looks babies born the same month like each week with detailed as yours – the same moms you fetal development images met when you were pregnant. and videos Kzn Lifestyle Magazine • Issue 27 6 A steady stream of ideas for raising great kids Find ageappropriate parenting advice and insights Get expert tips for dealing It has various sounds, from a vacuum cleaner to a ride in the car and many more that will help your baby connect to everyday sounds. The sounds form a loop that allows the app to play without interruption. You can also put it in the with tantrums, potty training, sleep, and more Enjoy hilarious stories and practical discussions in our supportive community See which topics are trending with other parents White Noise Baby baby mode that will prevent the app from causing any disruption during your baby’s naptime. The app can also change into a baby rattle with high contrast sounds to keep your baby entertained outside. It is available on iOS and Android platforms and is priced at 1 dollar.

KIDS Try our award-winning mobile apps Today’s Parent My Family Baby Tracker Nursing The best baby tracking app for moms which will help you personalize relevant information according to your baby’s age and stage. Enter your baby’s age and you will get all the relevant information about your baby’s development at that particular stage. It also has a Storybook feature where you can use your baby’s photos and videos to create a digital scrapbook. The app’s features like Potty Pal, Nap Tracker, and Feeding Log assist you with your baby’s various milestones. It is available on iTunes and Google Play for free. The app is an excellent way to keep a log of your baby’s breastfeeding schedule. It is particularly useful if you have to share the details with your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant. The app has a nursing history log, which makes it easy for you to record your baby’s feeding time. You can also use it to keep a track of up to six nursing logs for six different babies. The feature makes it ideal if you have twins or triplets. This baby tracker app is available on iTunes and is priced at 4.99 dollars. Growth • The app will help you keep a track of your baby’s growth through the first few years after birth. • You have the option of choosing the official WHO or CDC templates that track growth from birth until 20 years of age and are mostly used by pediatricians. • Alternatively, you can opt for a chart that you can customize as per your baby’s needs. • The app also has a growth chart that caters specifically to preterm babies. • It is available on • iTunes for free. Baby Bundle • The app will let you keep a track of all your baby’s day-to-day activities, like when she poops, sleeps, and so on. It even has a vaccination feature, which helps you track your baby’s vaccination routine. • You can also customize the app to track details for multiple babies or an older sibling. • The app also features additional tools such as a breastfeeding timer, a parenting guide and so on. • For a certain fee, you can also upgrade it to turn into a baby monitor. • It is available on iTunes for free, and the upgrade is for 2.99 dollars. 7

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