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What makes this event a

What makes this event a Crucible? How does the Crucible influence your actions? Place Significant Moment Here What values does this reinforce? How have you put these values into action recently? Place Other Thoughts or Questions Here 14 Phi Mu Delta Fraternity

Win As Much As You Can! Scoring: 1X and 7Y’s = X’s wins 7 points, Y’s lose 1 point 2X’s and 6Y’s = X’s win 6 points, Y’s lose 2 points 3X’s and 5Y’s = X’s win 5 points, Y’s lose 3 points 4X’s and 4Y’s = X’s win 4 points, Y’s lose 4 points 5X’s and 3Y’s = X’s win 3 points, Y’s lose 5 points 6X’s and 2Y’s = X’s win 2 points, Y’s lose 6 points 7X’s and 1Y = X’s win 1 point, Y’s lose 7 points 8X’s = X’s lose 1 point 8Y’s = Y’s win 1 point ROUND 1 YOUR CHOICE PATTERN OF CHOICE PAYOFF BALANCE 2 3 4 BONUS ROUND PAYOFF X3 5 6 7 BONUS ROUND PAYOFF X5 8 9 BONUS ROUND PAYOFF X10 10 15 2017 Sapphire Leadership Institute Participant Manual

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