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Shackleton Foundation Newsletter May 2017

Shackleton Foundation Newsletter May

10 th Anniversary Issue 8 - 2017 Chairman’s Introduction 1 New Leaders 2/3 Past Leaders 3 Leaders’ Forum 4 Completing Sir Ernest’s Journey 4 Impact Report 5 Social Enterprise 5 Lorraine in South Georgia 6 Fundraising 7 My Antarctic 7 Trustees 8 About the Foundation 8 Inspired by the leadership of 20th century polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, The Shackleton Foundation provides seed funding to social entrepreneurs wishing to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK. Our eighth newsletter showcases our charitable work in 2016 CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION Look Back in Pride In 2006 my oldest friend, Henry Worsley, invited me to come to a small gathering to hear the plans that he, Will Gow and Henry Adams had to mark the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1908-09 Nimrod Expedition which attempted to reach the South Pole. The expedition would be undertaken by descendants of the original crew and in completing “unfinished family business” they would also raise funds for a new charitable foundation. Hence the Shackleton Foundation was born. The charitable proceeds of the expedition were £350,000 and the early days of the Foundation were spent trying to get clarity around what and who we would support. We had a perpetual challenge, which to a degree persists to this day, that we exist to fund expeditions and school trips to far flung corners of the world – an understandable confusion given our name. It became self-evident that the best way to explain what we aimed to support was to build a portfolio of Shackleton Leaders (the name we give our grantees) in the hope that they would become our calling card. And this is precisely what has happened. A niche as a very early stage funder of social enterprises, combined with a rigorous selection process has led to 34 Shackleton Leadership Awards, of which only a handful have failed. And in so doing we have touched some 52,000 young lives through the work of those Leaders. As we mark our tenth anniversary this is indeed cause for pride and is a fine legacy for those who hauled their sledges over 900 miles to make it all possible. My Antarctic challenge and that of my fellow trustees is to see whether together we can use this exciting tenth anniversary to secure new funding to enable us to build on what we’ve achieved to date. To this end, we would be very grateful for your help and support in forwarding this newsletter on to friends and family. Also, if you know anyone who might be kind enough to donate to our cause, or anyone who might be a suitable Shackleton Leader, then please email me. Bill Shipton, Chairman Newsletter Summer 2017 1