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SEV classics collection

N-S34013 saphire, hand

N-S34013 saphire, hand hammered pure silver

THE STORY BEHIND SEV JEWELRY; In 1996 Cenker opened his first jewelry store in Bodrum town and started to visit Bangkok, Israel and Italy to find different jewelry pieces for his own shop and clients all over Turkey. At year 2000 he opened his first studio in Istanbul city to produce beads inspired from Nepalise, ancient Roman and Anatolian jeweleries. In Year 2002 he went to USA and during three years of his visit, he has focused on drawing and producing his first collection which came out in 2007. After 6 years of resting period he started to work again with his new workshop in Izmir city. Last 4 years he lived in Istanbul and worked on his last project in order to bring together his experiences, family and skilled craftsman under the same roof in SEV Jewelry Company. *SEV means ‘’love’’ in Turkish language… cenker olgay

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