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Drug List Book

DiaBeta, Micronase

DiaBeta, Micronase (Glyburide) GLYE-bue-ride Classification: Sulfonylurea IFU: Type II Diabetes Action: Unknown. A sulfonylurea that probably stimulates insulin release from pancreatic beta cells and reduces glucose output by the liver. An extrapancreatic effect increases peripheral sensitivity to insulin and causes a mild diuretic effect. Dosage: 1.25 mg, 1.5 mg, 2.5 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, 6 mg Route: P.O. Adverse Reaction: blurred vision, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, hepatitis, hypoglycemia Interactions: Beta blockers: Prolonged hypoglycemic effect and masked symptoms of hypoglycemia activity. Monitor blood glucose levels. Page 59

Differin (Adapalene) a-DAP-a-leen Classification: Retinoid IFU: Acne Vulgaris Action: Unknown. May normalize the differentiation of follicular epithelial cells resulting in decreased microcomedone formation. Dosage: 0.1%, 0.3% Route: Topical Adverse Reaction: burning sensation, stinging, dryness, peeling, itching, and redness of skin Interactions: Isotretinoin: May increase skin irritation. Page 60

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