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As children we are

As children we are constantly questioning everything. Like ‘how does that work’ or ‘where do babies come from?’ The questions were endless and since then we’ve been ingrained to ask questions. As we get older, queries become more complex. For most people, one question stands out the most—the meaning of life. This question is more nebulous than just what is the meaning. Before we can even crack the surface of that question we need to answer a vast subset of inquiries first, like: is our reality even real? Why we are here? Are we alone in the universe? How did the universe begin? The answers to these questions, so far, are for the most part theories, but some can be explained by hypothesis and observations. There is much compelling evidence for each idea, but you certainly shouldn’t, for the sake of your sanity, take these theories as gospel. The following is an examination of the most mind-blowing theories about the universe that will make you question your entire existence. 11 GAMMA RAY

By George Gott Simulation Theory Some theorists have proposed the following idea, are we living in a computer simulation? Yeah it sounds crazy but some prominent scientists and physicists think so. The simulation theory explains that because of the compelling likelihood of technological singularities occurring in the universe, it is quite likely that advanced civilizations, either us in the future, or aliens in a distant galaxy, have created or will create simulations. Since the number of these simulations would infinate, it’s actually quite likely we are actually living in a computer simulation. To add support for this mind blowing theory, theoretical physicist S. James Gate observed something astonishing in his recent string theory research. Simply, deep inside the mathematics we use to describe our universe Gate has found computer code. Yes, you heard that, computer code, and not just any code, but an extremely unexpected self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code. That’s right, error correcting 1’s and 0’s. So is computer code not unique to humanity? As we progress as an intelligent species was it expected that we would eventually find this? Are we actually living in one giant computer? Only the big code write in the sky could tell us that. The Fermi Paradox Since we just mentioned the simulation theory then, we have to explain what the The Fermi paradox is. Basically this theory proposes an argument originally made by physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael H. Hart, who presented an apparent contradiction between how many alien civilizations are thought to be in the universe and our lack of evidence for their existence. This paradox can be supported by the Drake equation. The Drake equation was formulated by Frank Drake. He argued that since there are billions of galaxies in the universe there could actually be intelligent life out there. But how much? When using the Drake equation we can’t look for an exact answer but rather look at the questions that are prompted when attempting to come up with an answer. Obviously there is a tremendous amount of guesswork involved when filling in the variables like what we perceive is intelligent or what is life to us. Based on our understanding of science we think life should resemble us but what if it doesn’t somewhere else? To understand if there is intelligence beyond us can make you insane because there is so much we will never understand. The great Arthur C. Clarke said it best: ‘ Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.’ Multiverse Theory You’ve probably hear the concept of the ‘parallel universe’ where everything is the same but different. In this parallel universe on Earth there could be still dinosaurs living among us or the Nazis won WWII like in Philip K. Dick book The Man in the High Castle. But what if there were actually more than one universe? What if there were billions? What if there were an infinite number of different realities? The multiverse theory proposes just this. The theory suggests that we are living in ‘bubbles’ which pop up and out of existence, like soap bubbles. If you take the big bang theory then this would mean that the infancy of our universe was just 12