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in bathroom stalls. At

in bathroom stalls. At home, I would sit in my room unless it was to shower. Typically, I took my dinner to my room because I could not eat in front of others. I had tried losing weight by diets and working out but was mocked for my attempts. Any friend that I thought I had were, in reality, befriending me as a joke or only in secret. The happiest day of my adolescence was my high school graduation. It was the first time in my life that I was proud of myself. Furthermore, I had succeeded my family members in their

educational pursuits. It was this revelation that motivated me to embrace my differences and inspired me to set my own path. I would never accomplish this feat while living in the shadows of my family. After graduation, I moved back to Dallas with my father. And after meeting a wonderful man, and dating for a couple years, I moved to New York and found myself. 11 years later, I am still overweight but am not defined by it. I am happy and love myself. After obtaining a cosmetology license and practicing for several years, I am pursing my Bachelor’s in Accounting at Baruch College with the loving support of the man who brought me here all those years ago. My relationship with my family is wonderful and I no longer feel

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