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When I got home, I sat

When I got home, I sat my table all day thinking about my actions. Was I really that cruel? I always considered myself to be a good person but I never considered how hurtful words could be. I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to right my wrong and nothing seems to be enough but I promise to keep trying.

Chapter 3​ ​Yahkiney’s Story Wei-Chun’s experience in the classroom of a foreign country is way too common. He is automatically mistaken for being Chinese. This is a terrifying and nerve wrecking moment for any child’s first day of school in a foreign country. Later on in the story After this panel Wei-Chun tries speaking to Jin in his original language and Jin tells him, “You’re in America. Speak English.” Yahkiney faced the same situation when he first became an American student.

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