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Yahkiney was 11 years

Yahkiney was 11 years old when his parents told him that they were moving to United States. His idea of America was that it’s a country filled with celebrities and pretty much everybody was rich. In the mind of the amount of things he can do in America was unlimited and he was so happy to leave. Yahkiney told his family and friends about his departure and they also excited and hoped for the same as him.

Months later Yahkiney finished his last academic year in Trinidad. After that everything began moving so fast that he didn’t even remember to goodbye to his friends. From June to July it all about packing and finalizing documents to leave his home country. Yahkiney had no idea how much work it takes to move to another country and all of a sudden the excitement to leave was gone. As the time came for Yahkiney to leave he realized that he won’t be able to see his grandmother again, his best friends, his “girlfriend” and the worse part about it was that he didn’t have a phone or internet to tell them goodbye. The day of departure arrived and for a while Yahkiney forgot about what he was leaving a started thinking of what he was on his way experience.

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