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We Monsters Throughout history, there have been numerous portrayals of monsters. Images of Nosferatu and Frankenstein are likely one of the first images that come to mind. They challenge the very idea of what we consider esthetically normal and are deemed as abominations to mankind. Their very existence strikes fear into the hearts of men, women, and children. Today, Monsters are not only drawn from science fiction. Nay, they lurk around every corner. In some cases it could be staring right back at you in the mirror. Adolescence is quite a frightening thing to behold. For this youth is no longer child nor is it adult. The young adult cannot be trusted due to their inability to reconcile their behavior with their fluctuating hormones oozing with emotional instability. Our young adult literature course encouraged us to dig deep into a series of novels on young adults who were deemed “monstrous” by society’s standards. Drawing from the inspiration from our selected novel, we present you with stories of our own monstrosity enthused by scenes in “American Born Chinese”.

American Born Chinese In American Born Chinese, author Gene Luen Yang introduces to an ensemble of characters seeking transformation. We begin our journey with a twist on the classic story of the famous Monkey King. After being denied access to the heavens dinner party, the master of the heavenly disciplines dedicates all his endeavors to achieving god status. From here we meet young Jin Wang. After moving to the suburbs, Jin discovers that being Chinese will prevent him from being accepted by his new, white, peers. Mortified by his own identity, he endlessly attempts to avoid his distinctiveness by any means necessary… ending up with broccoli hair. Finally we meet Danny. He is still the new guy in town, but is off to a great start. Being blonde haired, blue eyed, and seemingly athletic, you could say he’s the “All American” teen boy. The only problem is Danny can’t seem to maintain his popularity streak when his stereotypical Chinese cousin, Chin Kee, comes to visit. The graphic novel will make you laugh and cringe as the characters learn that transformations can cost your soul if your desires are

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