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We had been down to

We had been down to Mexia while visiting his family on the holidays, but it was quite a culture shock from what we were used to. I had no idea what to expect when we crossed those city limits. There was no source of entertainment in the small town, unless you count Walmart. Because football season was long over, I would not be able to utilize drill team as a way of making friends. However, since we had moved over the Christmas vacation, I assumed

that I would have plenty of time to prepare myself to make a good impression. I was sadly mistaken. Before I had even been enrolled, the entire town knew of our arrival. The community had seen us out grocery shopping and driving around town. My future classmates had taken special note on how I was overweight in a slim family. On my first day of class no one asked me about my interests, hobbies, or about how I felt moving to their town. I was assaulted

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