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with questions about my

with questions about my weight in relation to my family. Many of the students asked if they were my “real” family or if my mother was my step mother. It wasn’t as if I had been unaware that I was overweight. However, it wasn’t until that first day of Junior High that I started hating myself because of it. Unfortunately, I had no one to go to. This was long before body positivity was the norm. There were no “plus size” role models for me. My mother could not relate and was short on advice to provide me. In truth, it was the student’s hateful comments that shed light on how my own mother treated me. When it was the time of year to go shopping for school clothes,

she would take my brother and me separately because I was “difficult” and would require a whole day. Additionally, in an attempt to not draw attention to us, I would be forced to call my mother by her first name when in public together. She would say “I don’t know what to do about you” whenever I would open up to her so I eventually closed myself off. I was in every way a part of a family that I was apart from. As time progressed my self-esteem did not. The perpetual bullying and lack of emotional support left me with no choice but to seek solitude. During lunch and breaks I would sit alone

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