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MRT Toshiba Vantage Elan Clinical Image Gallery

Klinische Bilder mit dem Vantage Elan von Toshiba

Cardiac Cardiac Cine •

Cardiac Cardiac Cine • Body and spine coil combination Cine FFE_ssfp : TR 4.2, TE 2.1, FA 88, SPEEDER 2, 192 × 208, 8 mm (0:12) Coronary Arteries acquired using RMC • 4ch Flex SPEEDER and spine coil combination M-Power TM Oblique Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR) of Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) M-Power Surface Volume Rendering (SVR) Source Sequence : FFE3D_ssfp FS, TR 5, TE 2.5, FA 120, SPEEDER 2, 160 × 224, 1.7 mm, Free Breathing with RMC Short Axis Black Blood • 4ch Flex SPEEDER and spine coil combination Black Blood FASE FS : TR 3009, TE 100, BBTI 500, SPEEDER 2, 192 × 256, 8 mm (0:16) 14

EasyTech EasyTech automatically sets the locator positions for the spine and heart, ensuring consistent image quality. EasyTech precisely recognizes target shapes, helping the user to set optimized scan planes and improves examination workflow. SpineLine Generally, in spinal examinations, the reference line for the axial plane is manually drawn parallel to the target intervertebral disc or vertebral body. SpineLine automatically measures and analyzes the shape of the spine, determines the positioning region of interest in each plane, and displays them within seconds. CardioLine CardioLine reduces inter-operator variability and exam time by automating the planning and acquisition for the standard six cardiac planes. 6 Recommended Planes for the Left Ventricle (Ref. SCMR) Vertical Long Axis Horizontal Long Axis Short Axis True Threechamber True Twochamber True Fourchamber ■ Scan planes for cardiac examination The scan planes are recommended by SCMR (The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance). ■ CardioLine window CardioLine supports cardiac plane settings based on planes recommended by SCMR. Scan planes are displayed automatically according to the region of interest setting, enhancing the reproducibility and efficiency of cardiac examinations. *Operation support functions are options. 15