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creatures I’ve

creatures I’ve encountered, and all the strange things that I witnessed. “I accept…I will do as you wish,” I said. “Yond wouldst beest wise as timeth is not on our side. In eight days the crossing shall beest completeth and mine own broth’rs and sist’rs shalt f’rev’r remaineth in the accurs’d domain of mine own broth’r Poseidon.” “The Crossing?” I said. “It’s at which hour Nibiru passes near earth. Ev’ry three-thousand-six-hundr’d years.” “Why does Nibiru affect the God’s?” “T don’t directly, but the curse Hades putteth on his broth’rs is did tie to the planets crossing. Nibiru is the home planet of the Anunnaki, humans known those folk throughout the ages as angels.” Hearing what Artemis said, made complete sense, for the first time I fully understand what Kelly was. Like I could completely wrap my mind around her now, she no longer seemed so mysterious. The thought of Kelly being an angel was really exciting, and everything just made so much sense, like how she could heal animals and stun people. I couldn’t help but wonder if she could go full-on angel mode and grow wings. “Thee wilt doth thy sacr’d duty Davis, anon closeth thy eyes holding the Rod of Knowing firmly in thy hands and focus thy thoughts on the god, Poseidon,” Artemis instructed. I did as she said. After a few moments of thinking about Poseidon, I swore that I could smell the sea. In an instant, a beach came into view, “I see white sand, jagged rocky islands, and bright blue water.” My back tensed as words echoed inside my mind, “Rocky Point, The Sea of Cortez.” “I knoweth of this lodging. I’ve hath spent much timeth with mine own broth’r th’re. At first lighteth, we rideth to the The Sea of Cortez,” Artemis said, lifting her fist skyward.

TWENTY-ONE WE GO TO THE SEA OF CORTEZ It was now September twenty-fifth, only seven days left to complete our mission. The sun had been up for a while, but it was not real hot yet. The desert was still, but a few horses in the corral would whinny restlessly. I was sitting by the hearth trying to sort out the complications of my life, as impossible as it felt, the word impossible seemed to have less meaning than it once did. After traveling through portals, riding enchanted beasts, battling mythical creatures, and facing uncertain death anything seemed possible these days. I was thankful that we were all still alive. My mind was still trying to wrap around how I was able to regenerate or channel lightning like I got that my parents were Zeus and Poseidon. They were two of the most powerful Olympian Gods and all, but I still had no idea how two guys make a baby—I guess I was in no position to question how Gods make could be worse like Aphrodite was the product of her father being castrated by Cronus if I remember correctly. But first the plane crash and then Olympus Mons where I became a shish-kabob and somehow still walked away. My powers were defiantly growing stronger by the day, but I felt no less vulnerable than I did before the plane wreck. Unfortunately for me, the fate of the world was resting on my shoulders, and time was not on my side. I could not wrap my mind around one thing, if the curse was set nearly three-thousand-sixhundred years ago, then where was I all this time, if that is when I was created? What did Artemis mean by me being known by many names in the past? Trying to wrap my mind around this was nothing short of a massive migraine. Even though most of it made little sense, I knew in my heart that this was my destiny to save the Greek Gods. After all, the two most powerful Olympian Gods created me of their blood, and I was carried on the sea foam in the domain of Poseidon until my birth. I now thought of this as my new life as Oogle and Kelly had revealed that so much was expected of me. I just wasn’t certain of all the details, even with most of my earlier memories restored, it was hard to think of myself as anything but normal. To say I was feeling overwhelmed would be a massive understatement. Hopefully, there would be some more guidance from Oogle or Artemis. I defiantly needed it. I was in deep thought when I noticed Kelly’s shadow and looked up at her. She sat down beside me and we were both quiet until she broke the ice. “I really don’t want to complicate your life. I know Alicia was here before me and I don’t want to get into a fight with her over you.” I nodded. My feelings were so mixed about Kelly and Alicia like I didn’t want to pick either of them, in fear of losing my friendship with the other, I cared deeply for them both. She went on. “To tell you the truth if you are happy then so be it. I’ll be happy too.” I firmly grasped her shoulders, and she lifted her head up locking eyes with me. I swear for a moment I could see a flicker of guilt in her eyes, but I put it aside thinking I had imagined things. Like seriously what would she have to feel guilty about? Like she saved my butt more times than I’d ever

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