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admit. I could hear the

admit. I could hear the huntress stirring about in their tents, and soon Artemis came out and greeted us by the fire. “Davis aft’r we consume, lets gath’r supplies and taketh one day’s rest to ready ourselves f’r the journey ahead,” Artemis announced. “At twilight, we shalt maketh a sh’rt journey south of h’re to the Sea of Cortez, is saf’r f’r us to traveleth und’r the camouflage of moonlight, so yond we art eyeless to any whom mean us harmeth.” She continued, “Th’re I shalt require thy guidance in locating mine own brethren and freeing those folk of their wretch’d curse.” “I’m here to serve, but what about my Grandparent’s. What should I tell them?” I asked. “Those gents art having breakfast with thee as we speaketh.” “How is that possible?” “I’ve enchant’d the ranch…they won’t even knoweth thy missing.” “Wait,” I said, “So…they have no idea that we are even gone? But what if someone would visit like Aunt Lisa?” Artemis pursed her lips. “Mine own charm is v’ry stout, Davis. Thou art very much th’re because I madeth shades yond art thy exact replicas, with access to thy mem’ries. But their mission is spending timeth with thy family and thy mission is saving Olympus.” I wisecracked, “I could have used a shade for Mill Creek that would have made school a lot less complicated.” Artemis gave me a bewildered look disregarding my comment and whistled for her stags. So far our journey was not met with any delay or complications. Things had been progressing smoothly and I had no idea what to expect once we arrived at the Sea of Cortez. Like I knew my job was to save the other Olympian Gods from some ancient curse, but I also had no idea what dangers lay ahead. Nothing this far was easy, every turn was met with obstacles. The only real question was…what mythological creature would stand in our way next, and would we be able to overcome the threat or would we find ourselves on a one-way trip to meet my uncle, Hades in the Underworld. Artemis was no doubt immortal, or she secretly had a death wish. Either way, I was not complaining like I didn’t have my driver’s license or even a learners permit yet (however I was really looking forward to both in the near future) but she still allowed me to drive her silver chariot. Like I’m no stranger to riding fast animals such as the supercharged horses from Grandpas ranch or the griffons on Mars, but there was no comparison to Artemis’s stags. We blazed across landscapes zipping through congested highways, red lights, up the sides of buildings, through forest and even over the top of lakes and rivers. I can only image what people saw if they caught a glimpse of us, I guess we were probably moving so fast that even if someone did see us, it would be just a blur and they would probably shrug it off as nothing. That is human nature if it doesn’t make sense just shrug it off, or take some pills to help you forget what you saw until it feels like a bad dream. Or maybe we were invisible as Artemis did mention earlier about the moon camouflaging us. We reached the coast about twenty-five minutes into our journey, we stood at the edge of a steep cliff. The scenery was breathtaking, the full silver moon pierced the veil of the clouded sky. Below us, moonlight and fog meshed together forming a coastline. Beyond that squid ink waves moved in rhythmic patterns. “Let’s maketh campeth h’re f’r tonight. The climb down wouldst beest dang’rous without prop’r visibility.” Artemis said.

Chloe nodded in agreement. “The sea is dangerous enough without Poseidon’s protection,” Leah said. I found us a large, flat area a fair distance from the drop-off. Leah and Chloe went to work setting up two tents. This seemed so natural for them like they didn’t need to pause to read instructions or even verbally communicate to snap them together, it was evident why Artemis picked them as her lieutenants. I took notice to Kelly and Alicia gawking at them as they meticulously pieced the tents together by muscle memory. The tents were not your typical modern variety. They looked old and inspired by nature, they were made of tanned animal hides. If I had to guess what type of animal the furs came from, I would put my money on Buffalo. Kelly, Alicia and I shared a tent together, and Artemis and her huntress slept in the other tent. The inside of the tent was not very spacious, it fit one queen mattress inside. The bottom was made up of a pile of large animal furs, it appeared to be a mixture of animals the huntress slain over the centuries. I was fairly sure some was wolf and rabbit, but the others I had no clue about or even if all the animals were of the standard breed and not mythical. I claimed the middle of the tent, Alicia was to my left and Kelly to my right. I’m not going to lie, my heart was racing, I never slept in a tent with a beautiful girl before, and now I was going to be sleeping between two of them. We sat and talked for a while, Kelly and Alicia prodded my memory for any clues regarding the Sea of Cortez. I honestly had no additional information to share. As the vision was kind of hard to fully absorb, it came at me in waves, and the arrangement of images was defiantly out of order. So it made it a bit confusing on my end to piece them back together into a meaningful order. We discussed a vague plan of action for in the morning about not risking our lives too much and then we all laid down, both girls were on neutral terms for the time being with each. They both rested their heads on my chest, using me as their pillow. Kelly was the first one to pass out, leaving just Alicia and me alone to talk. Alicia whispered softly in my ear, “Davis do you ever just wish things could go back to the way they were…like before you got expelled from Mill Creek?” I tilted my head toward her. “I guess. Like ever since the plane crash my life has been crazy. I don’t know if my life could ever go back to normal. Like my parents are gods, and I’m supposedly their prophesized savior.” I looked up at the roof of the tent and took a deep breath, “I think this is the new normal for me, I’m pretty sure after what we been through there is no going back.” I didn’t really feel like staying on the subject so I told Alicia, “I’m drained, so I’m like going to crash. See you in the morning.” Alicia leaned in and kissed me, dragging her teeth softly over my bottom lip, which sent chills down my spine. “Sweet dreams,” she said. I lay there silent, naughty thoughts swam in my mind. Kelly was snuggled into me, and Alicia was teasing me, driving me wild. She would randomly caress my side by reaching her hand up under my shirt, just to drive me crazy. She traced her finger across each individual muscle on my stomach. I couldn’t take it anymore and lost my willpower. I left my hand wander a few times testing my boundaries. I slid my hand up her shirt, letting my fingers glide gently over her tummy hovering near her bellybutton and waistline, and then I walked my fingers further north and squeezed her firm breast through her bra for a brief moment, I could feel her body growing tense with each touch. But that was my limit, I didn’t feel like we were ready to do anything more. At least not now, the timing didn’t feel right, and I was also confused over Kelly. Like I had an attraction to her that went beyond just physical appearance, and I didn’t want to get caught messing around with Alicia and screw up a good

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