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narrow enough for us to

narrow enough for us to climb down. I never climbed down a rock wall before and it was harder than it looked on T.V. every few steps down I found myself struggling to get my grip. Alicia was having the same issue, in fact, she was severely struggling. She lost her grip about forty feet above the shore and went into a dive. My heart was pumping hard in my chest. I had no clue what to do, so I decided to jump after her and somehow get her to land on top of me. Kelly launched herself off the face of the cliff without any warning. Her body began to glow and shimmer with intensity and then the strangest thing happened, huge ten-foot wings sprouted out of her back on both sides. With laser precision she swooped down, scooped up Alicia about fifteen feet above the ground and then glided down to the beach, making a soft landing. We all caught up with Kelly and Alicia. She seemed a bit in shock, just sitting on the beach. “Did you know Kelly was an angel Davis?” Alicia stammered. “Umm…I suspected she might be able to fly, but this was the first I ever saw her do it.” Chloe huffed like she was unimpressed. “The Anunnaki and the twin brothers Zetes and Calais always been renowned as angels by mankind, because of their wings and human-like appearance.” “Zetes?” Alicia said turning the word into two syllables. “He was the son of Boreas, God of the north winds,” Leah said. “I kind of miss them two, they were always so much fun. Shame Hercules had to kill them.” Chloe said. We walked the length of the beach looking for any possible sign of the Olympian’s. Before noon we finally spotted a dolphin offshore. As it closed the distance between us I recognized them same green eyes, they were the same eyes the dolphin from the plane crash had. I looked at my friends. Without a second thought I jumped into the water and swam towards it, Kelly, Alicia, and the huntress all followed my lead. I was first to speak. “Who are you?” He stopped swimming and floated on the ocean swells. We did the same. His permanent smile seemed to be mocking us, that is until he spoke! “Yes, you are on the right track. I am Poseidon.” I tread water, thinking a mile a minute. “Did you all hear what the dolphin just said?” “It just made eeekkk noises,” Alicia said. Chloe swam up to the dolphin and gave it a hug. “We will save you from this curse, Poseidon.” “So you understood what he said Chloe?” “Not a clue,” She said. “But I know a god’s essence when I see it.” Then I remembered that I was the temporary new Oracle and in possession of the rod, somehow it was allowing me to understand the high pitched sounds of the mammal. Finally, I said, “You mean the Poseidon of Greek Mythology? The Son of Cronus and of Rhea and brother of Zeus.” “Yes. That be me.” “But I always saw Poseidon as a muscular bearded man carrying a trident. You…you are…” “A fish?” He said. “Well, yeah.” “I am a god. I can turn into any being I wish. Right now I want to be a dolphin.” I believed him, yet this was almost too incredible to conceive. “But don’t you derive your power from your trident?” “My Trident is not the source of my power; it does carry a small amount of my divine energy and is a means of protection when I need it.” “How old are you?” I asked.

“Older than the ages,” he replied. Suddenly, a rumbling distracted our conversation. The water began rippling all around us. But before I could fully absorb what was going on, a massive sinkhole the size of shopping mall opened up, twisting the water, rapidly rotating in a swirling vortex-like whirlpool just a mile out, revealing Polybotes, the same giant that I battled in the boy’s room at Mill Creek. But this time, he was much larger, like T-rex big and headed in our direction. I looked over at Kelly, and again she had a guilty look plastered on her face, but I now had a sense of when people were not being honest with me being in possession of the Rod of Knowing. I said, “What is this, Kelly? I know you are hiding something from us.” “I’m sorry, Davis, I really am! I never intended to have feelings for you. I was just trying to stop this silly prophecy from happening and make my father proud of me, honest,” she said, lips trembling. Before she could breathe another word Chloe and Leah had the tips of their spears pressed to her throat. Chloe pushed just hard enough to draw blood. “I was waiting for you to slip up Anunnaki scum.” I pushed Chloe’s blade from Kelly’s neck. “Let me be the judge if she is a traitor, am I not the new seer?” The surf swelled as Polybotes got closer, I had to hurry. I needed to know if Kelly meant me harm if anything we had was real. I pulled the rod out of its pouch and held it. Looking deeper into Kelly’s big doe eyes, I knew she was sincere, and I inaudibly asked the Rod to show me the truth. In a flash, I was watching Kelly being tormented by Hades in her dreams (I never met him, but trust me it was obvious who it was). I saw their first meeting, by a large lake surrounded by a thick forest. She looked so scared and he told her if she ever wanted to be loved by her father all she had to do was stop a little prophecy from happening. She hesitated, but eventually Hades won her over with his charm and instructed her on my location and insisted that she had to obtain both amulet pieces before I did. I saw Kelly following me when I ran away from Aunt Lisa’s, she was my shadow, and I was none the wiser. The last vision showed Hades and Kelly meeting in Grandpa’s barn, she called him and said the deal was off, that things had changed. But he refused to let her off the hook and threatened to take her soul if she backed out. In one fell swoop, a ghostly visage was reaped from her chest. Crippled in agony she fell to the ground, and then he exploded into black smoke, sending her soul slingshotting back into her body and leaving Kelly to her thoughts. As fast as the vision came, it was gone. The vision could not have ended any sooner like the earth was literally shaking around us that was how close Polybotes was. “Chloe she was forced by Hades to do this,” I said. “Let her go.” Chloe lowered her blade. “We will continue this conversation later.” Oogle manifested on my shoulders and whispered, “Master need armor forged by Hephaestus.” “That be awesome…but seriously Oogle we need a strategy or we are toast.” “Master have Zeus’s body armor, it is amulet. Just press finger on both crescents at same time.” I tugged open the collar of my shirt and revealed the amulet, my eyes fixated on the location Oogle mentioned. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I touched my finger between the two crescents’. “Please work!” I thought to myself. The amulet started vibrating, its intensity grew until it morphed into black goo, the goo spread over my entire body, it was cold to the touch like thick oil. Then it began to harden and turned into a blinding white light, brighter than the sun that enveloped my entire body, leaving me blinded. The feeling of power flowed through me. It was a new and strange feeling, unlike anything I ever

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