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out of the way, I closed

out of the way, I closed my eyes and focused my mind on channeling lightning. I could feel every hair on my body stand as I focused my mind. A tingling sensation started at the base of my spine and flowed to my fingertips. When I opened my eyes lightening flowed out of me like a river, bolts of chain lightning struck Polybotes one after another forcing him back toward the sea. Polybotes pushed through the pain and power of the lightning and gained ground, I focused so hard that blood started to drip from my nose. Then my powers backfired making a sonic boom sending me flying through the air. But lucky for me Kelly swooped in and caught me. “You’re not getting out of this fight that easy sirenboy.” “I didn’t plan on it,” I muttered. “Enough of these games,” Polybotes rumbled. He raked his humongous hand over the white sand beach making five long trenches. Next, he reached into a pouch that hung forgotten around his waist and revealed a handful of oversized bones like they were so big that they could have belonged to an elephant. Polybotes tossed the bones into the trenches, then he clamped his teeth down on his own hand making it drip blood. He dripped the blood overtop of the bones and then covered them with the loose sand. The sand that covered the bones began to vibrate and then hands started to sprout up from beneath, like rows of cornstalks. Dozens of animated corpses that looked gruesome emerged from under the sand, they staggered with uncoordinated steps in our direction. Chloe shouted, “Let’s send these abominations back where they belong.” She and Leah charged them with their spears, piercing and slashing at them feverishly. But more kept crawling out from the trenches, like an endless army of hungry ants. Like don’t get me wrong I did find this kind of cool, like who didn’t at one-time wonder what it is like to fight a horde of zombies. But at the same time, I feared for Alicia like I knew Kelly and the Huntress could hold their own. But Alicia never signed up for this, and I felt horrible that she was here with me. Like if we survived this I doubt she would ever want to spend time with me again because it was way too unpredictable and often dangerous. Kelly swooped in and started loosing arrows on them when one of her arrows pierced their skull they would turn to ash. Alicia and I charged in, Alicia if I didn’t know any better was made for killing monsters. Like she did flips over the top of them plunging her Sai’s into their heads incinerating them. Her acrobatics actually came in handy for slaying zombies, she was seriously making me look bad, and I was the one with the powers and Troy body armor. After a while the zombies began to overwhelm us, surrounding us so much that we backed ourselves into the surf. I was jarred by a familiar voice. “You are my son too, you have my regeneration and can command the waves,” Poseidon said. “How? I never done it before.” “Since discovering who you are, have you been to the ocean?” He said. “Not until now.” “Let your body be free, as free as water. Feel the waves wash over your feet, become that wave. The waves move as freely as you breathe air.” I relaxed the best I could and done as he instructed. When I breathed in the waves came to me, when I exhaled they went back out to sea. Now that I could feel their rhythm I tried to make them larger, after a few attempts, I could seriously feel myself controlling them like I had no doubt it was me. I raised my hand over my head, focusing on the waves. “What is this?” Polybotes roared with anger.

A giant wave stood still, taking the shape of my arm and hand rising out of the water twenty feet high. When I bent a finger, the wave mirrored my every move. So I reached forward and grabbed a handful of the undead soldiers and pulled them out to sea when I slammed my hand down the sea ate them up. I sent my hand wave back into shore, this time, I balled my fist and slammed it down like a hammer about ten feet in front of my friends. A dozen or so zombies turned to ash. But more kept crawling out of the trenches so I knew what I had to do, destroy the source of their power, the bones. I lifted my hands as far as they would stretch over my head, the mirrored version was now forty feet tall. “Get out of the way,” I screamed. My friends all fled behind me, and I crashed down the enormous tidal wave on top of all of the zombies and Polybotes. Then I dug my hand into the sand and squeezed its contents, then I jerked my arm back pulling a large handful of sand and zombies out to sea and submerged them into the endless abyss. Since my friends were safe behind me, I slammed a wall of water onto the remaining zombies, washing them out to sea. This time, I focused my mirrored hand on grabbing Polybotes, I hammered it down on top of him hard, then I grabbed him squeezing so hard my knuckles turned white. But he pushed through the water not even phased. “Davis he is too strong for us, we must retreat,” Chloe said. “I’ll hold him off, everyone else run. That is an order.” Everyone retreated but me, I was done running. If I had to die this day so be it. Just as I drawn my sword, I heard Poseidon. “I can help you save your friends.” “Please,” I gasped. “I’m desperate.” Poseidon told me to remove my armor. I had no clue how to do that so I asked Oogle. “Master just press center of your chest where amulet normally is. I touched the center, and my armor flashed once more, a lot less intense as the first round and turned back into my amulet. “Swim with me,” Poseidon commanded. I swam behind him out into the sea for a good ten minutes, the shore was now a good distance off. “How is this saving my friends?” Before I knew what had happened, I felt a sharp pain on my thumb, Poseidon bit me. “Ouch,” I cried out. My blood made a small murky circle in the water like I just dipped a paintbrush. Then the water bubbled all around me, and looking down I could see a huge black creature rushing up to the surface. “What’s happening?” “You’ve released the Kraken, young one. He is my protector, guardian of the sea king. My blood is your blood, and any child of mine is protected in my domain. “The son of Poseidon,” I said, allowing the words to roll off my tongue. “I’m the son of the sea king… I doubt I’ll ever get used to saying that.”. “You should feel pride in your gut, you were born of hope for Olympus and mankind,” he said. “As a son of the two eldest gods you have been blessed with traits from each of us, you have great power stirring inside of you.” My heart thudded as I watched in horror. It felt like we were about to be devoured by a Megalodon shark as it erected from beneath the water, lifting me onto its head. Water poured down its sides like Niagara Falls as it stood upright. I was looking down from a thousand-foot tall creature, with tentacle-like arms longer than skyscrapers. Kelly flew over carrying Alicia and landed on top of the Kraken.

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