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“What are you two

“What are you two thinking, this thing seems dangerous.” “Put us down!” I wailed. “K—raken… Waiting order from the son of sea king,” it replied, in a loud clickety sound that only I understood. Polybotes now had living reinforcements, a few dozen Anunnaki soared towards us bearing spears, swords, and bows that had a heavenly glow. Pointing at the army of angels closing in I shouted, “Strike them down!” and the Kraken went into motion. It felt like I was riding atop of a living Empire State Building with eight skyscraper-sized tentacles. With one mighty thrash, the sea swallowed up over a dozen angels. The wake of the immense impact made a fifty-foot swell that shadowed the incoming army, before unleashing havoc and crashing down on top of the front line, sending even more to their deaths. “Davis stop,” Kelly said. “Let me talk to them, I am the princess of the Anunnaki, they won’t dare harm me.” I took a moment to collect my thoughts, I looked over at Kelly and said, “I know about Hades and your deal, how our meeting was no coincidence, my only real question is where do your loyalties lie?” “Well,” she replied, “I don’t want to lose my soul, but I don’t want to betray you either. I do love you, Davis, this is far from easy on me.” “Do what’s in your heart, Kelly,” I replied, her eyes fixated on me in deep thought. Before she could say anything, two muscular male Anunnaki swooped in from behind and snatched Kelly up. Her bow and quiver fell from the sky, landing beside me. Quickly I picked them up, loaded a light arrow, took aim and let loose. The arrow spiraled through the air at a high velocity and penetrated the leg of one of the men. He screamed in pain but held his grip, they were now too far away for a second shot, and I was not a skilled enough archer to risk a long shot. Also, I didn’t want to risk knocking them out of the sky with the Kraken, it was way too risky. I watched as they landed back on the beach beside Polybotes. Even though I was still a little upset about Kelly’s betrayal, she didn’t deserve this. My biggest issue was trusting her again entirely. Like what else has she been keeping from me? Everything I thought I knew about her was staged, just one big act and I was none the wiser. Was anything true? Like did she ever really have feelings for me, or was that part of the scheme? Alicia looked upset; she didn’t need to say anything. I knew she too had mixed feelings. She did really like Kelly, minus the fact that she and I shared feelings for one another. “We need to save her, babe, I don’t trust Polybotes or Hades. I saw what he did to her in a vision, he tore her soul out, and she collapsed on the floor,” I said. She locked her intense blue eyes with mine, and for a moment it was as if our souls touched. “Fine, let’s risk our lives for the little back-stabber! Hurry before I change my mind, Davis,” she hissed. I urged the Kraken ashore; the Anunnaki army charged it, tossing grappling hooks at its tentacles (not sure how much good that would do them, if it fell over it would kill their entire army!). The Kraken kept a slow, steady pace, crushing any soldiers stupid enough or just too slow to clear its path. I recognized the guy beside her it was Hades, he was so much larger than her. He pointed his finger at her furiously; my best guess was that he was displeased in her shift of loyalties. She never even once tried to apprehend me, and she had more than adequate time and opportunities. We closed in on Hades; I commanded the Kraken to thrash all eight tentacles down at key points. Like a giant nutcracker, it was on, the creatures limbs smashed down so hard, it felt like a five point

nine earthquake on the Richter scale. Angelic or not, they looked scared, when those gigantic tentacles pulverized them. Far below, the freshly cracked earth swallowed up heaping piles of bodies and debris. I gave Alicia the bow and she went right to work pelting Angels. This hero stuff must have been swelling my head because I told the Kraken to firmly plant an arm to the ground. “I’m going to get Kelly, cover me,” I said. “Promise me you will be careful? Don’t do anything foolish, Davis,” Alicia said, choking back tears. “I’ll be all right… after all, you got my back, right?” I said, sliding down what could most likely pass as the world’s longest slippery slide. Nearing the bottom, I pressed my amulet, and in a flash of light I was armored, I pulled my sword from its scabbard and slashed wildly at several angels that were now circling me, the arcs of lightning kept them at bay as my ride came to an end. I raced toward Lord Hades, slashing and bashing through angels left and right. Caught off guard, a giant hellhound pummeled me to the ground. I pushed back hard with my sword against all three heads. They snapped and snarled as they tore at my blade, my gauntlets held up well against their teeth, dog saliva pooled around my blade and dripped over my face. All of a sudden it went silent and they stopped attacking. Lowering my sword, I saw that all three heads had been shish-kabobbed with light arrows. Looking back (well I suppose it was more like up) at Alicia, I shouted at the top of my lungs, “Thanks, excellent shooting by the way.” I ran the last hundred feet and then stopped dead in my tracks. Hades looked downright scary. He had black hair, draping out from beneath a black plate helmet covered in black spikes. Shadows of lost souls flickered and danced around his robe and helm. His skin was albino pale, I guess there was no sunlight in the Underworld. I had no plan, heck I didn’t even know how to fight a god. But I didn’t let him know that. I looked fearlessly into his gray eyes, images of people burning alive flashed in my mind. Kelly was shackled to his flaming chariot, parked a few feet behind him. There was little doubt that things were about to go south as dozens of Hades’ soldiers surrounded us. “Hello nephew, glad to see you could make it. Guess Apollo’s silly little prophecy turned out to be true and here I was starting to think he’d lost his touch,” Hades said. “Let Kelly go, or there will be trouble,” I shouted. Hades laughed, and his laugh was no ordinary one. It made my mind swim with an overwhelming desire to kneel. But after having my mind twisted by a siren, I had enough practice to resist. “How rude, too good to respect your elders? Hades asked. “Now hand over your amulet like a good little boy, so we can put an end to this, I would hate to harm that lovely girlfriend of yours—.” I felt my blood boiling. Done talking, I let Hades meet my sword. I pointed it at his chest, it arched bolts of lightning up and down the length of the blade. “It’s been awhile since I had a blade like that drawn on me, a worthy sword for the occasion.” A skeletal warrior broke the circle, coming right at me, then dissolved into ash as an arrow passed through the top of its head and left foot coming to rest on the ground (it was good to know Alicia really did have my back). I instinctively knew what the name meant. It was Greek. I said, “Kerauno, or thunderbolt?” “Precisely, nephew. Now about that amulet.” Kelly interrupted, “Don’t do it, Davis, I recognized one of my friends, and he flew away to warn my father. His army will handle Hades. He should be here any time now… they are tracking me I turned on my rescue beacon. Besides, if my ancestors overthrew the twelve Olympians, one God

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