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delusion. I betrayed

delusion. I betrayed Alicia during my trip with Kelly, and now she might die over loving me too much. And Kelly I know she had done me wrong. But at the same time, she never once really did anything all that bad, she tried to turn her back on Hades and look where that got her. If anyone should have died, it should have been me. I was the villain, the one playing with both of their emotions, because I was selfish and not wanting to choose one over the other, out of fear of losing the other or worse both of them.

TWENTY-THREE I FETCH MY FATHERS TRIDENT Down by the water, I saw Poseidon. There were nine other dolphins with him and two killer whales (I figured the Orcas were most likely Zeus and Ares). I could still make out Poseidon this round, I’m positive the Rod must have done more than its fair share with breaking the language barriers. “I need you to shapeshift into a creature of the sea for me,” he said. I didn’t feel like being the errand boy for the gods, I already did plenty. Now I need them to help me for a change. “Look I know you need my help… but I also need yours,” I said. “So I hope your open to negotiations.” Poseidon dove under the water and shot up into the air splashing down hard enough to get me soaked. I took it as a sign of him not negotiating very well. So, I turned and started walking away. I figured the heck with it, I’ll figure out how to save the girls myself. Chloe and Leah ran to my side. “What was that Davis?” Leah said. “No one refuses a god, especially Poseidon.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Well I just did,” I said. “I asked for his help in exchange for mine, and he went all Flipper on me.” “Wait here, let me talk to him,” Chloe said. Chloe came back a few minutes later grinning ear to ear. “He agreed to help, but you’re not going to like it very much.” “So spill, bad news first,” I insisted. “Poisoned is willing to support your mission but…” Chloe lowered her head. “He is assigning you two huntresses for your journey.” “Why is that bad news?” “The huntress he chose—were Leah and me,” she said swallowing hard. “The living doesn’t regularly return from Hades realm.” “Sorry you got picked,” I said. “but if I had to go to the Underworld, I’d rather do it with Leah and yourself than anyone else.” “Thanks, I think!” Chloe said flipping a long strand of hair behind her ear. “If we plan to survive we will have to use our wit more than brute force.” “I’m open to your suggestions… I need to get to the Underworld the girls are counting on me.” “Don’t worry Davis,” Chloe’s shoulders heaved as she took a deep breath. “If anyone can save them—you can.” I shrugged. Like I was willing to risk it all to save the girls…but would it be possible, after all, Chloe made it clear that no one returns from the Underworld, so I had doubts that I’d be the exception. But I had to try, this much I was certain of. Chloe and Leah walked back to the shoreline, and I followed them, this time Poseidon seemed in better spirits.

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