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I locked eyes with

I locked eyes with Poseidon. “So, how do I shape shift… I never did it before.” “You can’t!” Poseidon said. “Well, not naturally I mean. But since we are cursed any demigod, god, or goddess that steps into my domain and stays in the vicinity of me falls victim to this dreadful curse. But you are different, you were born to be stronger than this wretched curse. You will be able to reclaim your form of your own free will once you’re a safe distance from me.” I walked into the surf waste deep beside Poseidon and placed my hand on his back. I knew beyond a doubt that he saved me at this point. His skin felt exactly like what I remembered after the crash. “Thanks for saving me after the plane crash,” I said. “I never got to thank you.” Poseidon nodded his head from side to side. “I’d never let a son of mine drown in my domain!” He said. “Besides your more useful if you’re not trapped in the Underworld, though my brother Hades would have loved that.” “Thanks, I think!” I said straight-faced. “Will it be much longer before I transform?” I could hear Oogle whispering in my mind, trying to guide me through the process of speeding up the transformation. I finally started to morph into a dolphin. I could hear the bones in my body snapping and moving into position, it felt painfully uncomfortable. The worst part was my head; it was seriously like the worse migraine headache you could ever imagine times a thousand. My skull literally pulled apart and reassembled itself, I could see my nose elongate right before my eyes… sort of like how Pinocchio’s nose grew when he told a lie. “Follow me, quickly,” Poseidon said. “We must hurry.” I looked back at Chloe and Leah, they didn’t join us. So I slapped my tailfin up and down a few times saying goodbye and then I dived in a fancy porpoise kind of arcing dive, and followed Poseidon and the other Olympians out to the sea. It was a strange world under the sea, glimpsing it from the eyes of a sea mammal was surreal. The vibrant coral reefs and schools of fish were breathtaking. Not to mention the rays of beaming sunlight cutting deep into the dark abyss far below me. A memory washed over me of my mom telling me as a child, about how the sun’s rays protruding though the clouds were really escalators to heaven. Swimming forward, there was little time to adjust, lucky for me maneuvering my new body and holding my breath extended periods of time felt pretty natural. The Olympians surfaced for some air, and I followed, expelling air from my blowhole upon breaking the surface (it kind of felt like sneezing, minus it coming out the top of my head). Poseidon locked eyes with me, his permanent smile turned somewhat serious as he said, “I don’t have my usual powers, this curse forced us, gods, to surrender our power. Without my abilities, the human’s are doomed as is all of Olympus along with me.” “How can I help?” “You must locate the pantheon inside of Olympus, go to Zeus’s throne and activate his Thunderbolt, then place it in the central hearth to get the ship fully functional,” he grinned in deep thought. “Once the ship is live it will handle the rest.” “How will I know when it’s live?” “Trust me you will know!” Poseidon said. “We are almost to the resting spot, of Mount Olympus. You have one thing I don’t, the power to take back your original form. You need to pass a hand scan to access Olympus, and well I only have flippers--!” “How would my hand pass the scan I never been to Olympus?” “The scanning part is not all that important my boy. Your blood is the key. You see it takes only a droplet of your blood to test, but it requires a hand to trigger the screening process, and if you pass as Olympian you’re granted access,” Poseidon said.

“Sounds simple enough, but what if you don’t pass?” “You’re incinerated, it’s quick and painless.” He explained. “Nothing to concern yourself with, child.” Easy for him to say, it’s not like he was the one going out on a limb to risk his life for strangers. They disappeared back into the sea, and I took in a few deep breaths before submerging back beneath the surface. Oogle’s voice filled my mind, this was oddly starting to feel normal the longer we were connected, but I kind of missed seeing him. “master doing good, Oogle knew you would set things right.” There was little doubt Oogle could read my mind, so I refrained from responding. We came to a halt. “Over there,” said one of the Orcas. Poseidon shifted directions, and my eyes were drawn to Mount Olympus for the first time. The feeling of astonishment was immense, there was no mountain at all. Instead, I was facing what appeared to be an enormous metallic structure; before I had time to think for myself, Oogle chimed in, “Not Mountain, this mother ship, and home on Earth for Olympians like you.” It was huge, even bigger than the Kraken, so it made sense why they called it Mount Olympus. Down at the sea floor, in front of the massive craft, an opening appeared, and I followed Poseidon inside. He showed me the hand scan panel, now I just had to figure out how to go human again. After Poseidon and the other Olympians had gotten a safe distance away, I started concentrating on how I remembered myself in a mirror. After several minutes I felt the familiar bone breaking sensation overtake me once more. I was reeling in pain as my body shifted back to its natural form., leaving my lungs begging for oxygen. The sensation of being air deprived made me instinctively want to rush toward the surface, but it was out of reach (being incinerated and drowning both seemed like horrible fates). As the first set of honeycomb doors bubbled shut, I saw Poseidon on the other side, and he appeared to be wallowing in a dolphin sort of way. I held out my hand, every fiber of my body willed me to gasp for air, but I resisted. He took notice instantly like I was feeding him a fish. He did not swim to my rescue as I had hoped, so I willed my mind to calm down, I swam over to the next set of doors and pressed my hand on the scanner. It glowed a dull red and then I felt a slight prick on the palm of my hand. The red light became green, and the doorway bubbled and started to open, the sound reminded me of gears grinding together. Soon as there was enough room to squeeze in, I swam inside. The doors slammed shut behind me, and the water began to drain rapidly. There was a suction sound, almost like the sound that a bathtub makes when you pull the plug. In just seconds the water level dropped below my mouth. It couldn’t have happened at a better time I was really feeling lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. I took in a deep breath filling my lungs. It felt amazing being able to breathe again. I’d never even give any thought to breathing air, but this I appreciated. A strange sensation washed over my entire body, it almost felt like my soul was being torn out. Crouching down to my knees I braced my hands on the floor holding myself up. Then the weird sensation passed. “Ouch, what was that,” I said. “Davis body went into temporary shock from changing so rapidly.” “That was a bit weird for my liking!” I said. “Now how the heck do I find this Thunderbolt, there must be dozens if not hundreds of rooms in this massive ship.” Glancing around the entrance I noticed a sliding honeycomb doorway up ahead, I pressed my hand into the scanner, and this time it didn’t prick me. Maybe my fingerprints were now saved in the ship’s memory bank. The doorway ground open, inside was a massive circular room, with many consecutive levels. It reminded me almost like giant metal donuts stacked thousands of feet tall. When I walked to

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