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the center and looked

the center and looked down, the levels went down like an endless pit. The bottom was pitch black, and I realized that what I saw outside was only half the ship; the rest was burrowed deep into the sea floor. After a bit of exploring the endless dimly lit corridors, I found myself alone in a maze of constructed metal and out of nowhere memories of the plane wreck hit me like a ton of bricks and then another flash washed over me of Kelly and Alicia’s souls being reaped. After I had snapped out of the blanket of bad memories, I felt horrible. Part of me blamed myself for all of this. I know it was not really my fault… but it just felt like I was bad luck to be around and if I never existed, none of this would have ever happened. My negative mindset had a firm grip on me. Maybe I was doomed before I ever had a chance. I pushed aside my feelings and focused on finishing this task. I had to see it through, I knew in my heart that the girls were counting on me to save them. Because I know for a fact if I were in their position, I’d be expecting them to rescue me. “There has to be an easier way to navigate in here,” I said. “Even a god would get lost in this labyrinth of metal.” “Oogle can boot up ships main power system and jack into mainframe computer and get coordinates of Poseidon’s chambers.” “Why didn’t you suggest that earlier?” I said. “Don’t you think that be useful information for me to know?” “Sorry master,” Oogle said. “Sometimes Oogle forget that you don’t understand all my functions.” “Well, it’s not like you came with an owner’s manual,” I snapped. Oogle barked out directions. “Go straight one-hundred feet, then make sharp left to stairwell.” Oogle made several odd clicking sounds. “At end of stairway open fourth door on left.” The corridors felt endless, as I made twists and turns in different directions. I was starting to get played out, there was little doubt in my mind that you could easily get lost inside of Olympus, it was a cold, dark and endless maze. Could be worse be worse, I told myself. I could be being hunted by some ancient monster. After an hour or so Oogle said, “Destination in fifty yards.” “I hope they have a refreshment stand I’m thirsty!” “Oogle no see food stands on map.” “Never mind Oogle,” I said. “I hope the inner chamber is a bit more inviting than this.” The inside of Olympus did not resemble a spacecraft; it looked nothing like the endless corridor’s I just left. It was like everything good in the world, condensed into a single area, like what Heaven must look like. The architecture was superior to even the best-constructed buildings on Earth. There were giant golden and marble statues, large gold and copper-trimmed skyscrapers. Breathe taking gardens, sporting flowers and fruits with sweet smelling aromas that I can’t even begin to describe. My favorite was the pools with fountains, they had one every twenty or so feet, and there was literally water everywhere. But the strangest part of all was the blue skies above and the eerily familiar looking sun. They must have been artificial, yet they seemed so real. Creatures that I thought only to be myth ran shops and played musical instruments, such as satyrs and centaurs. The pools teemed with fluorescent colored fish that changed color as they swam, making the water look like a living rainbow. Oogle guided me to the pantheon of the Gods, on the way a small centaur ran out onto the street in front of me, it was just a kid chasing his ball. He glanced up at me than done a one-eighty running back toward his parents. Bleating out nonsense that I could not understand. I walked for a good fifteen minutes down the path from where we entered, as I got closer to the pantheon I had to stop for a

moment to take in all of the detail. Like the size of this thing, it looked like a white marble coliseum, etched with history, showing events that occurred over the eons. Such as ancient battles, and moments of architectural triumph such as the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of mankind’s greatest accomplishments were engraved for the gods to observe on these walls. Once inside the Pantheon I saw twelve giant thrones, each sat about ten feet off of the ground. They had Greek symbols etched into their tops which I assumed were unique to each god. But the design of each throne was very unique like they were customized for their owner. Like I recognized Poseidon’s throne right away, the back had fishnets etched into it, and seashells embodied the arms, the biggest giveaway was his bronze colored three-pronged trident, with barbs leaning against it. I was only supposed to locate Zeus’s Thunderbolt and place it inside the central hearth, but seriously who could resist picking up Poseidon’s trident. He was supposedly my birth father, so I figured why not. As soon as it touched my hand, I could feel its power pulsing throughout my body. A bright green hue appeared around the top of the spear. “Master have trident of sea god, you have some of his power, what is your plan?” “No plan Oogle,” I thrust the spear forward. “I just couldn’t resist picking this bad boy up… like how cool is this.” “Oogle not understand definition of ‘cool’ temperature is a steady 86 degrees.” “Never mind!” I placed the trident back down in its resting spot. “So Zeus’s chamber must have his Thunderbolt… but which one is it.” I walked around the room, one throne had wild animals and moon phase symbols, the one beside it had images of the sun and a chariot. Then I stopped in my tracks when I saw a throne with a lightning bolt on the armrest. I walked up to it, studying the detail, I had no doubt this belonged to Zeus. But where was the Thunderbolt, it was not here. I searched all around it, but there was nothing. Not thinking I rested my hand on the armrest and it began to glow. When I looked up at my hand lightening was weaving between my fingers. Quickly I pulled myself up on to the throne, and before my eyes was Zeus’s legendary Thunderbolt. I picked it up, and I could feel its immense power surge through my body. Unlike Poseidon’s trident this thing made me nervous, like I was scared I’d blow myself to pieces or blast a hole into the side of the ship, and the ocean would burst in on us. I jumped down onto the floor and walked over to the hearth clumsily. I felt like I had two left feet. I saw an empty cylindrical spot in the center of the hearth that looked like it was bored out perfectly to fit Zeus’s bolt. So I lined them up and slowly pushed the Thunderbolt into the slot. It was snug at first, I pushed down with all my weight, and it wouldn’t budge. Then all of a sudden it slammed down like a super magnet took hold of it. The whole ship began to vibrate, whirring sounds echoed throughout the pantheon. Then the ship rumbled, and it felt like it was pushing me toward the floor, the sheer force was intense, I struggled against it. Then it stopped. “I guess that’s what Poseidon meant by I’ll know if it works.” The hearth came alive, and blue flames grew, flickering and licking at the air around the hearth. One by one the Olympian gods emerged, walking out of the fire. As they walked from the flames, they were shimmers of bright light shimmering in and out of existence until the final process of their metamorphosis. They were left in the nude and like an illusionist, clothes magically materialized, covering their flesh. Hundreds walked through the portal, I suppose it was a mixture of gods, goddesses, and demigods, each of them took in deep breaths and stretched a bunch before leaving the pantheon. After a while only twelve remained, I recognized a few of them such as Zeus and Artemis. Poseidon was the last one through the flames. At first, he shimmered in and out of existence like the others, then he reclaimed his resplendent godly form, he was at least eight feet tall and beefy in a

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