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“Don’t worry

“Don’t worry Alicia—I won’t fail I promise.” “Take one final look at Alicia Nephew, as it will be your last if you fail.” I looked at Alicia for a long stare and then said, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Heading out was not as bad, at least this time I knew what to expect. I retraced my steps and left Hades Palace through the garden, this time, I managed to resist the pomegranate tree. I felt half tempted to load up my pockets with gems and gold coins but I figured with my luck they would be cursed or worse, and I didn’t want to entertain what worse could mean, so I just left them. I managed to get back on the path, after several hours of walking I wondered if Alicia was still following me. It seriously was tempting to look back, like was she even with me, was this another one of Hade’s traps. I had no idea, but I reassured myself that she was with me. After I had passed by the Isle of The Blessed, I knew I was on the right path. “So Oogle I guess your back on silent mode,” I asked. He didn’t answer me, so I suppose I was back to being tested. Like got that I needed to be more independent on missions, but I seriously wanted some friendly conversation as this place was so dreary, if I were the emotional type, I’d probably curl up in a ball and just lay motionless on the ground. That was the aura this place put off, it was very, very dark. I walked through the endless wheat fields trying my best not to stray off track when I noticed the Pavilion of Judges in the distance it gave me a warm, happy feeling. “Alicia not much further now, we will soon be to the tunnel that leads to Cerberus.” She didn’t answer, I was not even sure she could. It nagged at me in the back of my mind, was she even following me. Was she with me, was she ever with me was the bigger question. It killed me inside not to look back, but there was no way I’d fail her, not again. I’m sure Hades was loving how much this was torturing me. I’m certain that this was his plan all along, to make me suffer. Since Oogle and Alicia were both not talking to me, my mind wandered off to what Persephone had told me. Like I knew Coronus was a Titan and was bad, but I didn’t grasp the full extent of what him waking meant for the humans, Anunnaki, and Olympians. But how Persephone emphasized on me being tricked made me fear the worse. I thought back to the lines of the prophecy, to see if it was completed. The child conceived of blood and foam was defiantly me and during my visit in the Underworld I realized I was walking this path of my own accord and that was the second line in the prophecy. A friend that’s foe—I figured maybe Kelly since she was initially working for Hades but I’ve made several friends on this adventure, so I was not sure. The fourth line was defiantly about the Underworld, I was not sure if it was regarding me choosing Alicia over my parents or if it was me choosing not looking back to save her. But I was fairly sure that’s what it meant. The fifth line was something about the gods being betrayed by the eldest son, I figured this is what Persephone warned me about, and the word son in the line made me think father, I wasn’t sure what was being undone, but I assumed this was regarding Cronus. The final line in the prophecy Olympus or Earth the price be weighed—this I had a feeling did not come to pass. Like I understood Persephone said I was tricked and could have saved both heaven and earth…but my gut told me this last line had nothing to do with that and meant something much worse. Once I reached the tunnel, I found myself walking against the moving flow of soul traffic. Lucky for me not only were they transparent, but I could easily pass through them. When I walked through one, I could feel the temperature drop around me, like a cold spot. After a while I finally reached the Archway and this time I was staring at Cerberuse’s backside, it didn’t take long for his snake tail to sense me, its tongue flickered tasting the air around it.

Since Artemis and the Huntress were no longer here to save me. I decided to say a silent prayer to Poseidon and Zeus. “Hey Dad’s—like I know we just met. But since I been risking my life for you for like awhile now. I thought maybe I could ask a small favor. I really could use some help, like if for whatever reason Artemis’s enchanted bone dust wore off, and Hades didn’t give Cerberus the memo not to eat me, I’ appreciate your help.” I didn’t hear any thunder boom or see any divine signs as a message of them hearing my prayer, heck I didn’t even know for sure if they could. I was kind of hoping that they sent Hermes down to fly me out of here. But no such luck, it felt like if I was going to do this, I had no choice but to do it on my own. I cautiously inched forward until I was inches away from Cerberuse’s tail, it didn’t take long for it to find me. Its yellow eyes hovered in front of mine, its tongue flickering. Then all of a sudden I heard one of the dogs three heads leave out a blood-curdling howl. It struggled to turn around under the stone archway, dust from above rained down. I couldn’t turn back, or I’d lose Alicia forever. So I ran and slid between his legs like I was stealing second base. His heads came slamming down toward me like the buckets on a bulldozer taking up chunks of ground around me. I scurried to my feet just barely keeping out of his massive jaws. I ran forward strafing left and right in random patterns, zig-zagging all over faster than I ever ran before. Gods I wish I had one of Artemis’s Stags, it be a breeze to escape then! I ran so quickly that my upper thighs burned, and my stomach muscles were starting to cramp up. But I pushed on, I had to survive this, I had to make it to Charon’s skiff. One of his massive heads latched onto my shoulder I thrust myself forward tearing away cloth and flesh. My shoulder started to throb almost instantly. I couldn’t turn around and fight him like I wasn’t even sure if I stood a chance if I could—but I knew that was not an option at this point. Think Davis, think I thought outloud. Then I remembered the gift from Hephaestus, I had no idea how or if it worked but I was nearing the end of the tunnel and had no more options, I’d soon be cut off by the river, and if Charon was not there waiting I was going be turned into a living chew toy! I fished around in my pocket, I could feel the cold metal sphere, but it was not an easy task to get it out while running full speed. Finally, I managed to free it from my pocket, I held onto it tight. Once I got to the water’s edge, I planned to spin around and toss it at Cerberus. Just I seriously had no idea what to expect, and if for whatever reason it failed, I had no backup plan. The tunnel was so dark I could barely see anything up ahead, I was plowing through spirits left and right as I pushed myself to stay a few inches ahead of Cerberus’s deadly fangs. I could now hear the gurgling of water up ahead, I was closing in on my destination. I went over my plan over and over again in my mind, it had to work, there were no other options at this point. As soon as I crossed the threshold of the tunnel, my body was in full on flight-mode it took me a moment to process what I needed to do—I vaguely recalled the instructions. Oh yeah. Wind it up three turns and toss it at him. In a nanosecond, it pinned Cerberus to the floor covering him in a magically woven net. Cerberus, even with his massive strength and size, could not escape. He struggled futilely, growling and snapping at the net with all three of his heads. He was tightly pinned down, and the net was growing tighter constricting what was left of his movement. I looked ahead into the darkness. I saw no sign of Alicia, maybe she returned to her body, maybe this was all just another trick. There was no way to be sure until I left the Underworld and spoke with Artemis. After Cerberus had calmed down, I walked over to the net. Seeing him trapped made me feel sick, but at the same time, I didn’t want to be torn to shreds by his heads as they played tug of war with me.

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