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“I’m sorry boy,” I

“I’m sorry boy,” I said. “Your master was supposed to call you off, but I guess that was another lie.” After being pinned down, Cerberus kind of reminded me of a super-sized Waffles, so I walked over and reached my hand inside the net and scratched its ear, the hellhound responded with some happy panting. I’m sure Cerberus was just misunderstood, probably just needed some attention, someone, to pat him on the back, scratch behind his ears and toss him a ball once in a while. I saw a faint glow in the distance, Charon was on his way. Knowing that I was soon leaving calmed me down. Now that I was thinking clearly I remembered about my shoulder, I reached up and touched it. Everything felt fine, it had already healed. Like I loved the fact that I had the gift of regeneration, but I also was not under the delusion that I was invincible, I could think of a dozen different things that probably kill me—like my head being cut off, or me being dropped into a vat of acid or a volcano. But I felt my powers were justified with all the danger that I attracted, I’m like some super monster-magnet! Charon arrived, and I got off the skiff, he looked at my hand for payment. “I don’t have any cash this time, but I think it is wise to get moving—I’m not sure how long that net will hold Cerberus,” I said point back at him. “We better be going.” Charon did not argue with my logic. Time felt somehow different like it was moving faster. I guess being in the Underworld has that effect, maybe it’s the ashy scenery or the lack of a sun and moon. Either way, it didn’t matter—after a while, I could see sunlight peeking through the darkness, the Acherusian Lake was a stone’s throw away. I hoped that Kelly and Alicia would be waiting for me on the other side, but part of me was expecting Hades to have pulled a fast one on me. Charon pulled the skiff ashore and motioned for me to get off. I scanned the endless crowd of spirits, being transparent gave me greater visibility since I could see right through them. But I didn’t see Artemis, Chloe or Leah, or anyone else living for that matter. My mind raced with a million possible and horrible scenarios that all had Hades in them. Then I saw Hermes zipping in above the crowd of souls. As he drew near, I could see a nervous grin plastered over his face. Hermes landed in front of me. “Davis you are needed back on Olympus,” he said. “Artemis sent me to fetch you.” I locked eyes with Hermes, “What’s wrong?” “No time for chit-chat—your mortal friend is grasping to a thread of life.” “Take me to her,” I insisted. Hermes gripped my shoulders, and a beam of light flashed over us. I rubbed my eyes everything looked white with blue spots. Then my vision came back into focus, I was now inside Mount Olympus, inside a large room decorated with dozens of marble statues. They were different mythical creatures such as centaurs, harpies and satyr’s

TWENTY-FIVE THE COUNCIL GOES MEDIEVAL Hermes motioned for me to follow him. I didn’t move more than five steps when Kelly ran over and wrapped her arms around me. “Hey Davis,” she said. “What happen to your shirt?” “Let’s just say I been to hell and back,” I patted my shoulder. “But I’m happy to see you’re feeling better—where is Alicia.” “She is not doing so hot,” Kelly sighed. “Artemis is with her now.” “Take me to her, I have to see her.” Kelly lead me to where Alicia was resting. Artemis, Chloe, and Leah surrounded her. I walked over to see for myself how bad off she was—and she looked on the verge of death. She was flush like I could see the life draining from cheeks, even the pigment faded from her hair making it white. I walked over to Artemis. “Did Hades betray me?” “Nay, mine own broth’r hath kept his promiseth just h’r vessel is too weak t won’t holdeth h’r spirit much longeth’r.” Artemis locked eyes with me. “I wait’d f’r thee to arriveth as the lady cannot speaketh an oath in h’r condition, only someone the lady loves can do t f’r h’r,” she said. “We needeth to act apace if ‘t be true we art to saveth h’r.” “Is there any other way?” Artemis looked at me contently. “Davis I’m s’rry but th’re is nay oth’r way, we might not but maketh Alicia swear an oath to me ‘r the lady shall beest t’rtur’d by mine own broth’r.” “Do it—I can’t bear her to suffer!” I said lowering my head. “I owe her more than that.” Artemis knelt by Alicia’s side. “Mine own quite quaint one alloweth mine own w’rds seep into thy mind and Davis speaketh on mine own behalf.” My heart lurched when Alicia gasped, and her eyes rolled back into her head. Only the whites were now visible. I was so scared. Artemis chanted, “Oh virgin goddess of the wild places, cleanse mine own body pure of sineth and alloweth mine own s’rvitude beginneth. By lighteth of moon and silv’r boweth the hunteth is all I wisheth to knoweth. As thy maiden, I f’rsake all men until battle doth take me ‘r did free again.” I recited the words in Alicia’s place, I caught my voice lingering on freed again, this line gave me some hope—but nothing seemed to happen. “I thought you said I could take the oath for her,” I snapped. “Why is it not working!” “H’r flesh is already rejecting h’r spirit th’re is nay coming backeth from this,” Artemis said. “we might not but cleanse h’r body and protecteth h’r from Hades.” Chloe walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Davis I think I have an idea,” she brightened. “If Apollo would give his consent, you could transfer the Spirit of Delphi into Alicia, it save her—I’m sure of it!”

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