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walked away, I figured

walked away, I figured visions must have affected mortals on a deeper level than demigods. I said goodbye to everyone and Kelly joined me. Leah seemed a bit sad to see me go, but she was too tuff of a chick to admit it or even say a proper good-bye. Leah waved at me, “Keep out of trouble Davis,” she said with a wide grin. “Them mortals are a fragile bunch be gentle with them.” I laughed. “I’ll try my best!” Zeus walked over to Kelly and I. “So, where would you like to go?” He said, “I can send you anywhere you desire.” It didn’t take me more than a second to choose my destination. Apparently, it been in the back of my mind and I been so busy with everything going on in my life that I didn’t even realize it. “There is only one place I wish to go,” I said. “My Aunt Lisa’s in Pennsylvania.” Zeus then focused his gaze on Kelly, “And you my dear where would you desire to be?” Kelly froze as if she had nowhere to go. So I grabbed her hand and said, “She is coming with me.” Zeus gave me a grin and wink, I figured that was his way of saying smooth move kiddo. “I set the hearth to your requested location,” he grinned. “Don’t worry about all the details, you left your grandparent’s house with your Aunt about a week ago, to the best of her knowledge you are in the backyard playing with a friend right now.” My jaw dropped at the thought. Then it hit me what about Alicia so I said, “What should I tell Alicia’s mom?” Zeus let out a hearty laugh, “Ahh I forget sometimes you were raised by mortals,” he said. “She is having dinner with her mother as we speak, in good time she will replace the current Alicia when all is safe and the time is right.” “Good to know.” Kelly and I walked over to the hearth, we both stopped and looked back at everyone. Then we stepped through the flames, oddly enough they just felt warm. Then, in a blinding flash of light we were standing in Aunt Lisa’s backyard, even Waffles. Until now, it never clicked in my head how homesick I truly was, I missed my Aunt Lisa more than I’d like to admit. But—apparently, I’ve been here for a week, so I couldn’t just run up to her getting all emotional. I could see the love in Kelly’s eyes as she looked at me. I felt kind of guilty for not picking, which girl I wanted to be with. After all, both of them were equally amazing. At this point I really didn’t want to pick, I enjoyed having them both around as friends. But what Aphrodite told me about Kelly being my soulmate tugged at the back of my mind. I would take some time to sort my feelings eventually, but for now, I had bigger things to worry about like Zeus seeking blood for tribute and Cronus awakening in Tartarus. Like I seriously did not want to see my final vision come to pass, it takes an army of gods and demigods to battle Cronus. Typical kids my age worried about simple things like school, a part-time job, getting their first car, you know what I mean. Like, don’t get me wrong…I still wanted these things too, but they now seemed like a pipedream—like any day Zeus would be sending Hermes to fetch me, and I was uncertain what he had in store for me next, but his emphasis on big plans did not settle well with me. Being back at Aunt Lisa’s brought back memories. Like why I ran away and the feeling of the survivor’s guilt. Apparently, I came full circle with those feelings. I now knew the answers to these questions and honestly felt happy to be alive for a change. I now had a sense of purpose and was excited to head back to Mount Olympus in a few days and see my new friends and Alicia. And see what the plan was for stopping Cronus. I locked eyes with Kelly. “Whatever you do, please be honest with me from now on,” I said. “No

matter what it’s about.” “I will Davis,” she smiled. “Oh, and by the way thanks for rescuing me.” Kelly kept staring at me dreamily; I guess no other guy ever went to the Underworld and back for her before. Kelly’s big emerald green eyes studied me like she was searching for answers. “I guess I’m due back on Mars, I don’t have anywhere to stay here. Don’t worry though we can keep in touch, and I’ll see if I can convince my father to make peace with Zeus.” I grabbed her by the hand. “You’re already home if you will stay that is?” She smiled from ear to ear. “I thought you’d never ask!” Kelly smiled. “So do you think your Aunt will mind you bringing a girl home?” “Don’t you mean two girls?” I said. “We can’t forget Wawa!” Kelly laughed. “Nah we wouldn’t wanna do that.” I looked over at Kelly. “How I see it—I’m going to be sixteen in a few weeks, so I don’t think she can say too much about it. If she doesn’t approve I guess, we can both stay on Mars!” The look on Kelly’s face said more than enough, she was glowing. I could tell that the thought of me following her through the universe made her giddy. I glanced at both Kelly and Waffles. “Let’s go home, girls, I’m sure Aunt Lisa will be excited to see us!” Kelly snaked her arm around my waist and together the three of us walked toward the house. My gaze lingered on the tract of trees in front of Alicia’s house, I guess I was curious to see what her shade looked like, but she was not out in the yard. I smelled fried chicken as we reached the house, it was mouthwatering. I loved Aunt Lisa’s fried chicken, I hoped she made enough for all of us, as even Waffles was drooling. “I say we take a few days off from this whole saving the world gig,” I suggested while turning the doorknob. “Besides I’m starving, let’s grab some of Aunt Lisa’s famous fried chicken—and discuss a few things, like how we can stop Zeus from spilling the blood of the innocent.” Thunder boomed above leaving us looking skyward.

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