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got knocked

got knocked unconscious.” Aunt Lisa glared at the principal. “Did you see him set off an explosive or not? If I find out you have no proof, and my nephew is innocent, there will be hell to pay!” “Well, he was the only one in the restroom… Mr. Shultz, one of our teachers, found Davis, after hearing the explosion, he was out cold on the floor,” said Mr. Gardner. “Davis come on, you are done at this school! You could have been killed… And as far as I am concerned, they have no proof you did anything wrong, the last I checked victims get cared for, not further victimized. You don’t need this with all you’ve been through!” Aunt Lisa snapped. We walked out the door and never looked back. The cops never came looking for me or contacted us. Maybe the school was scared of my Aunt Lisa suing them and never reported I was there? Either way, life as I knew it was never going to be the same. I was now on my way down a path that had no positive ending. My destiny was now in my own hands, and I needed to know why I survived the crash and what battle Polybotes was referring to!

EIGHT I HEAD OUT WEST While being upset and confused something began evolving very clearly. And that was I didn’t want to live with this guilt any longer, I needed some answers. After all, nothing had changed no matter how hard I tried to let go of the past. Things were now getting worse! Like the fight at school with Polybotes and me being mangled with broken bones on the island, I knew there was no way they could both be a hallucination. Did I really have anything to do with the explosion? The decision was made. I was going to run away! My first impulse was to thrill at the idea of a great adventure before me. I didn’t have a picture of me on a freight train with a stick and a handkerchief full of my valuables over my shoulder, but it was still an intriguing prospect. Then the reality of it all hit me. There was Alicia and Aunt Lisa. There was no doubt that I’d be lost without seeing Alicia every day and my Aunt didn’t deserve all the anxiety such a thing would cause. But I knew I had to do it. Alicia met me that night, after dinner, and when I sat down on the porch beside her, I almost changed my mind. I stroked my fingers through Alicia’s long, silky hair thinking how to break the news. “Oh my God, Davis did you get hurt? Please tell me you had nothing to do with the explosion? There are rumors of you purposely setting off a homemade pipe bomb.” Alicia stammered. “I’m fine…I’d never do anything that could injure anyone, you know me better than that right?” I asked. “I’m so glad that you’re safe, I was so worried… I never doubted you, not even for a moment, I defended you at school. Everyone talks about it, like everyone at school talks about you every chance they get. I would say you’re like the coolest kid ever to go to Mill Creek after that incident!” “This isn’t really how I wanted to be remembered my freshman year, but I guess it’s better than not being remembered at all!” I said. “I’m sorry about my friends Davis… that was horrible of them not to remember you. I can’t imagine how bad that must have felt for you since we all have been going to school together since kindergarten.” “Don’t sweat it, kind of goes with being me. I never really been the social type, I keep to myself… I just feel like I don’t fit in or belong… if that makes any sense?” “I don’t get it personally, but… I do find it attractive; it makes you seem so mysterious. Will you be coming back to school anytime soon?” Alicia said. “I doubt Aunt Lisa would let me, even if I could… Besides, there is something I have meant to tell you.” Alicia suddenly seemed troubled. “Is everything all right?” She said. “I need answers… I have this obsession with why I’m alive. I think maybe the explosion at school, might possibly be related somehow. I don’t think I’m crazy, but I do need help,” I said.

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