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TWELVE I COMBINE TWO CRESCENT MOONS Kelly and I were together as Grandpa began to talk. I had braced myself for a lecture about my irresponsible behavior in leaving home the way I did. I didn’t have a good answer ready nor was I expecting any adult to understand. Heck, I didn’t even completely understand it myself. Was it all about the plane crash? I know that my life has evolved into something unexplainable, since that day. I’d battled a giant that destroyed the entire boys’ bathroom at school, shot lightning from my hands and now my best friend was a girl that is possibly angelic. Something weird was no doubt happening in my life and for the life of me, I could not connect the dots, to see the bigger picture. Grandpa made only one more quick reference to the situation back home. “Evidently you worried some friends back East. There is relief now that they know where you are and that you are safe.” He leveled his gaze at me and shot Kelly a quick glance. “Son, I have some things to tell you that most would consider very personal.” At first, I did not get my Grandpa’s point. Then I realized that to Grandpa, Kelly was a stranger, so I turned to her and tried to find the right words. After a brief pause, I changed my mind. “Gramps, Kelly and I have been through a lot together. I trust her. I hope you don’t mind if she stays.” Kelly seemed pleased. Grandpa settled back in his chair. “No, I don’t mind. I myself value loyalty. You, young people, should understand it too. I don’t know much about this girl nor do I think you do either Davis since you just met, but as for myself I hope to get to know her better.” Kelly cut in. “And vice versa, Grandpa. I’ve been rootless for a long time and freedom, and the open road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Family is what it’s all about.” Grandpa smiled, shook out his pipe and tamped in some fresh tobacco. “So how did you two youngins meet anyway?” I could feel my cheeks warming up, and as I glanced over at Kelly for approval, she nodded. “Well… I noticed Kelly eating some fast food out of a trashcan, and she was a bit rude at first, thinking I was trying to steal her meal. But it turned out after we both ate some trash food that we got along rather well.” “Well, that is a story to tell your kids someday. It’s not quite fine dining like most young couples do when they court one another. Can’t say it sounds all that romantic, but it’s hard to judge, being I wasn’t there,” he said. Kelly and I both chuckled a bit. “Like I said this is personal, Davis, I’m not sure what all you shared with Kelly. But I do know you loved your parents very much and that you miss them. We all do. But Davis, I have to explain the circumstances of your birth and knowing you I know it will not make one bit of difference in your feelings for them.” Now he had my full attention.

He lit up his pipe. “Davis, I’m getting old and my time is limited, so I’ll get right to the point. You were adopted out of an orphanage. Unfortunately, now you find yourself an orphan once again.” I was shocked, but when I thought about it, it was not as overwhelming as the feeling of losing my parents. After Grandpa had given me time to digest that, he reached over and patted my arm. “It’s only an accident of birth, son, you guys were a loving family and that’s what matters, not your biological roots.” Kelly and I managed to exchange a quick glance. Grandpa said, “So in keeping with getting right to the point I have something here I have been directed to give you.” He reached into his inside vest pocket. “I am to give you this upon the death of your parents.” He dangled the object in front of him. It appeared to be a locket. My eyes transfixed on it, and it seemed to hypnotize me as I stared at it. He opened it. It had a bright red gem attached. A crescent moon shaped gold frame with strange symbols had been set around the gem. Grandpa handed it to me. The first thing that struck me was the strange, yet oddly familiar symbols. It was something I couldn’t explain because it was a most ambivalent feeling. Strange, yet familiar. Why familiar? Something in the far recesses of my mind told me the symbols were something I knew about. Somehow. When I turned to Kelly, I found that something about the locket had agitated her. She looked restless and nervous and lost the eye lock we’d had had on each other. If I didn’t know better, I would say the look she gave me was one of suspicion. I thought I heard her murmur something but did not question her in front of Grandpa. The old man said, “I know I’ve given you a lot to absorb so that’s all I want to talk about right now.” I nodded to him, and Kelly and I both seemed to simultaneously head to the door. The afternoon sun blinded us, and it took a few moments to adjust to the bright light. Kelly was acting odd. My first instinct in the house had been right. Something was wrong. I glanced at the amulet in my hand and kind of hoped for something to come to me about it. I was holding it up to the sunlight, maybe looking for divine guidance as to how or what I was supposed to feel about it when Kelly suddenly snatched the amulet away from me and held it up to her own locket. They were counterparts, only hers was green. The two half crescents matched up and locked to make a full circle. Once the lockets were married, a bright blinding light exploded out of the crystals. I felt like I was picked up in a tornado and whirled into another dimension. It was terrifying yet breathtaking. That’s when I started catching glimpses of scenes. I saw my birth parents; it was two enormous, ancient looking men, not your average Joe, mother, and father deal, they radiated power. The younger of the two touched a trident to the others hand, rivulets of golden blood spilled into the sea, lightning spider-webbed through the night sky, then the younger one holding the weapon pricked his own hand, and the waves swelled as his blood foamed against the sea. Don’t ask me how, but I instinctively knew it was them. It made no sense at the time, but I swore I was witnessing my own birth. I had quick glimpses into my past, which intriguingly didn’t seem to be taking place on this earth. While absolutely nothing was clear, I had certain impulses that had something to do with my purpose in life. Some great thing I was going to do or was expected to do. As I said, it was not at all clear, more feelings than images. The problem was there were so many of them, yet they were not lucid or projected logically enough for me to see what was happening. When I was suddenly plopped back into the reality of today and Grandpa’s ranch, I must have looked stunned. Kelly said, “What happened? What did you see? What did you learn?” I just stared at her. I had no answers. When I was completely lucid again, I turned to Kelly. “Where did you get the amulet? It obviously

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