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FOURTEEN I MEET A CHIMERA There was little doubt Kelly was furious for answers, with her flared nostrils and piercing glare. But we finally hit a checkmate, and I intended to leverage the information I had obtained from Oogle. I was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all, regardless of the repercussions. I was sick of feeling crazy, and I needed to get some solid answers. “Kelly, we need to be more upfront with one another. Like starting with some basics. For starters, after nearly three weeks I don’t even know your last name? And that is entirely unrelated to anything supernatural,” I said, closing the barn door behind me. Kelly and I strolled toward the house. She remained silent for a bit and then shouted rather loudly, “My last name, you seriously think this is the appropriate time to be asking me, my last name?” She paced back and forth a moment, my guess was that she was processing everything, then finally she said, “But I assume your last name is Finch, like the songbird? I figured that much out on my own without being intrusive… After all, that’s what is painted on your grandparents; mailbox—.” She stopped for a moment dangling her arms as she said, “I suppose if it’s really that appropriate my full name is Kelly Elizabeth Ridinger!” When we got to the porch I was about to say something when Alicia appeared at the screen door, Kelly had probably woken up everyone in the whole house with her obnoxiously loud demeanor. Uh oh. This is going to have to be explained. I knew that Kelly wanted to talk about what had happened, but this wasn’t going to be the time for it. When Alicia spoke, her tone was dripping with sarcasm. She sounded ticked off. “Having a moonlight stroll?” She wisecracked. “No,” I said. “I was just asking Kelly some questions about her roots,” I shrugged. “Was nothing bad, honest.” Alicia fixed a laser gaze on me. She seemed to be trying to figure out whether to believe me or not when Kelly announced, “I’m going to bed,” and hurried off. Now Alicia and I were alone. I took her hand, and we began to stroll aimlessly out to the empty corral. I hung my arms over the top rail, took a deep breath and looked up at the desert sky. It was ablaze with stars. We rubbernecked for a while, both of us touched by the magic of the universe. The silence was awkward and palpable. Finally, Alicia spoke. “I gotta tell you, Davis, I’m beginning to feel like a fool.” “Why?” I said hoping I sounded sincere. “Let’s face it, how needy do I look. I chased you out here only to find you swooning over a girl you just met.” I sighed, knowing she was right. “I know it might seem that way, Alicia, but that’s not true. I don’t have anything going with Kelly. I would hope you’d know that but if I have to convince you I will. I hope we can get to the point where we will just trust each other and not worry about it.” She now sighed. “Sounds nice.”

I planted a kiss on her lips, it felt great… sending tingles down my spine. She pulled me in closer; I could feel her slightly chilled hand make its way up my shirt, stopping on my bare chest. I wanted to make out with Alicia and going past second base would be a dream come true… but this didn’t feel right. The timing was off, and I was feeling so damn confused. So, I back away. I took a deep breath and said, “We can’t, not tonight. It just doesn’t feel right, and I want it to be special for you, your first time.” “It’s okay Davis, I get it,” Alicia said. I just hoped to get off the hook on this drama, but no matter what I did I only seemed to dig myself a deeper hole. We headed for the house, though, still hand in hand but I could sense a difference in her touch. The next morning, I got up early hoping to catch Kelly alone to talk to her. She was already in the kitchen drinking coffee. “Morning,” I said, pouring myself a cup. As I stood by the sink drinking it, I was worried about another “gotcha’ moment with Alicia. Yet I needed to talk to Kelly. I motioned her to the den where we sat in separate chairs facing each other. It would sink me to get caught somewhere alone with her again. I said, “Please talk low, but we gotta get some things straightened out.” “Couldn’t agree more,” she intoned. “So let’s start with what happened back in the barn last night. You saw something, and somehow I was put out of the picture for a while. I had the feeling that I’d been asleep. So yeah I agree that we need to shine some light on things. With some reservations.” “Look, I’m done beating around the bush, it appears we both want some questions answered... But frankly if you expect me to tell you anything, then you’re telling me what the necklace inscription means, you said it was a warning,” I explained sternly. “And what reservations?” She looked away, over my head. She was somewhere else. “Look, Davis… I think I get you… But I don’t want to burden you if I am wrong, Okay? As far as reservations, I mean we both are holding stuff back, it’s more than obvious…” I did a double take. “At this point, I could care less if you’re wrong, Kelly… I need to know what the heck is going on with my life... I’m not an idiot nor am I holding anything back! I can tell something weird is happening, so if that’s what you’re talking about.” After a brief silence, Kelly said, “The necklace, reads of a prophecy.” She reached for the amulet and noticed it was not around her neck. “I take it, the necklace was stolen from me while I was out too?” “Sort of, but not by me,” I said. I pulled the necklace out from beneath the scruff of my shirt; Kelly leaned in closer to read the inscription. She murmured, “Fine, you win!” As she tugged at the chain, it tore at the hair on the back of my neck. Then she cited, “A child conceived of blood and foam, Shall walk this path by choice alone, His weakness is a friend that’s foe—,” she muttered. “There seems to be another half, but it’s missing.” “Yeah, well that didn’t help much… Think you can fill in the blanks a tad?” She chewed on her lower lip. “I don’t know much about the inscription,” she promised. “It’s time for you to hold up your end of the deal… I did as you requested, now tell me the truth, Davis, what did you see last night? And what happened to me?” “A tiny creature appeared, he said only I was able to see or hear him, and he kept insisting I was its master. He called you an anti-something traitor, and then he put you in a trance-like a master magician and then you floated across the barn… My only guess is he was levitating you like Yoda, from Star

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