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It was training. I saw

It was training. I saw me doing combat training with Oogle. Once I snapped back into reality, I took my free arm and grabbed the snake’s mouth and pried it open. Its fangs were embedded really deep, with all my strength I pushed; the pain was immense as its long pencil like fangs retracted from my flesh. Free from its grip, I took off running back toward the house. The burning sensation quickly spread, it enveloped my entire body in under a minute. “My training,” I said out loud, I instinctively knew I needed nectar, that it would heal me. I changed my direction and headed for the bee boxes -- there was wildflower honey inside. By the time I arrived, I was staggering, my vision was blurry, and it felt as though I was fading in and out of consciousness. I staggered over to a white bee box nearly falling atop it. I literally slapped the top of the box off, and the bees all swarmed out, like a small black cloud and left; oddly, not even a single bee attacked me. I reached my hand inside and tore a chunk of honeycomb out. I chanted an ancient blessing and then I drizzled the sweet, golden liquid into my mouth swallowing it down as my legs went limp and I crashed onto the ground. I scrambled back to my feet, walking back to the house had now become a chore, I swayed back and forth fighting the overpowering effects of the venom. The house was not all that far away, but in my current state, it felt an impossible task to reach it. I knew now that Grandpa was poisoned, I felt it first hand, and it didn’t feel so hot. I needed to create a diversion so I could be alone with Kelly. I wanted to keep what had happened a secret from everyone else. After all, for the first time in forever, I felt like I understood what was going on. Most of my memories were now back, from before my adoption. As soon as I walked into the house, the girls smothered me in a flurry of questions; apparently, they’d all heard the gunshots. “Did you find the wolf?” Kelly said. “Was there more than one, Davis, I heard eight or nine shots?” Alicia said. “Yeah, there were two of them, I suspect the one was the one Grandpa hit, it had some blood on its coat. The blood trail did its job, it led me to what needed to be shot,” I said. By afternoon Grandpa’s color was fading. Ordinarily, a healthy, ruddy colored guy he was now ashen. Grandma was talking about calling an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Kelly caught my attention, whispering to me, “Davis, you sure they were just wolves? Grandpa looks very ill, so I’d be honest if I were you.” My plan was to make a diversion so that I could speak with Kelly alone. So I tried to coax Alicia into having a cup of tea with Grandma in the kitchen. “Alicia, can you keep Grandma calm, so she can drink some tea and unwind? Kelly and I will keep an eye on Grandpa in the meantime, she thinks she knows what’s making him sick,” I said. While steeping Grandma’s tea, Alicia said, “I had a feeling she’d know how to help, promise me you will let me know if you find anything out, Ok?” I promised Alicia that I would let her know if we figured out anything as they disappear into the kitchen. Kelly started to blubber questions and stopped when I said, “Look, I was working on how to tell you the truth, I didn’t want Alicia or Grandma to know what actually happened. Grandpa thought he was dealing with a wolf, but it was the Chimera. I’m poisoned as well, but the nectar is slowing the effects for now at least.” “Oh no,” she said. “Its bite is lethal unless you can come up with the right antidote and I don’t remember all the ingredients, but I do know a few. It appears your memory is coming back, you remember nectar heals you?”

“Yeah, it’s still a bit hazy. But for the most part, I am able to remember some of my training. The antidote that sounds vaguely familiar as well.” I said. Kelly grimly shook her head. “There just isn’t enough time, he needs special herbs, and they are really hard to come by.” “Maybe if you name the ones you know it will jolt my memory,” I said. Kelly frowned. “Like I said, I don’t know them all, but you need stuff like powdered unicorn horn, a mermaid scale, and things like that.” I struggled to keep my mind in control, the poison was starting to overpower me, I said, “Where the heck would we get stuff like that? Do creatures like that even exist on Earth or anywhere in the universe for that matter.” Kelly said, “I… I’m not sure Davis, honestly. But I can help save some time while we figure it all out.” Feeling puzzled on how that was possible, I said, “How can you do that?” “It’s kind of like science, but using magic… I can freeze time around everyone, but it only buys us three days at best, before I get too weak. At that point, the spell wears off, and we have a few hours before Grandpa dies. So I suggest we do this quickly and then figure it all out,” she said. Deadlines seriously bugged me. First I was told that there were only thirteen days to save the world and now only three days to save Grandpa which dug into the limited time we had available! Like seriously deadlines sucked, and I had no idea how I was going to accomplish keeping grandpa safe let alone the world in just a few days. We walked over to Grandpa, who was looking a lot worse than before. His skin was still ashen, but he now had a new symptom from the poison, underneath his skin, veins visibly showed through, and they looked pure black. It looked really freaky, to say the least. “Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’m going to fix this,” I said, looking at Kelly with approval. Kelly dropped her arms down limp along her sides and tilted her head back, closing her eyes (my best guess was, that she was entering a state of meditation). She started to chant softly, as her chanting got more audible, her feet lifted from the floor. She was now floating. A blue vortex radiated around her, swirling. I caught Grandpa gasping at the sight, out of my peripherals. Then the blue energy washed throughout the entire house, I could feel it penetrate right through my body, it was so cold that my skin burned and my bones ached. But I appeared to be unaffected for the most part. Frozen, everyone in the entire house was frozen. Well, except for Kelly and myself. “Well Davis, if there were ever any doubts that you were actually human, I think we can both safely rule that one out,” she said. Arms crossed, I said, “So, want to shed some light on which species you really think I am?” Her eyes filled with excitement, her facial expression grew of pure bliss, as she said, “I believe that you’re the last Olympian, Davis, isn’t that great? Like not all of you were cursed after all, by my ancestors.” “Olympian, so I’m like Greek?” I said. Biting her bottom lip, she said, “Greek is in your roots, but that’s not a bad thing. I find it kind of sexy, in a rebellious teenager sort of way. Daddy would be so upset if he knew I was falling in love with an Olympian, our sworn enemy.” Trying not to blush. I said, “So you admit you’re in love with me?” “Yeah I have been, isn’t it pretty obvious? But we need to wake up Alicia unless you want to do this together and just leave her frozen,” she said, sporting a mischievous grin. I thought about it for a while, I played out so many hot scenarios of what Kelly and I would do

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