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off of the ledge if they

off of the ledge if they didn’t make up! “Davis, calm down, you’ve been through a lot. We can work this out. Please come down off of the ledge,” Alicia pleaded. “I’m sorry I slapped you, Davis, but you seemed like you were losing it, and that is what I’ve been trained to do under those circumstances,” Kelly implored. Before I had a chance to even step down willingly, Oogle suspended me off the ground kind of like a Jedi knight using The Force. I lost all control of my body. To be honest, I was really scared, I barely knew Oogle, and thought he might actually toss me over the edge and move on with life like I never even existed, looking for the next savior in line for the job. But lucky for me I was wrong, or Oogle had no other heroes in mind. “Oogle need Master to be calm. Oogle put you down now. No more be foolish or Oogle no help save Grandpa. After all, there much less selfish things Davis need be doing, like save world!” Once my feet touched back down on the stone floor of the temple I had a whole new respect for solid ground. I felt like I was looking death in the face, but apparently, I’m just as bad at reading imps as I am with girls. I hated how I felt helpless at the mercy of a small imp, which was no doubt one of the worst feelings you could ever have. But there was no doubt that when Oogle manhandled me, I was just that. Thank God I didn’t soil my pants. I’m sure the girls would have never let me live it down! The three of us hugged like a dysfunctional family apologizing to one another as a pink dawn lit up the world and the valley below emerged, truly breathtaking. Earth colored stone walls stretched out like a maze, and the rocks that comprised them looked super heavy. I was amazed at how an ancient culture could pull off an architectural feat of this magnitude. With further observation, the sun temple was really impressive; the cut boulders fit tightly together, there was no way even a razor would fit between the cut stone it was stacked with such precision. There were frames for windows and doors inside the temple, but they were filled in with cut stone so you could neither look out of them nor enter. I did not see the purpose they served, they almost seemed pointless. The morning light also revealed how scuffed up Alicia and Kelly were. They did a number on one another’s faces. Alicia had a bloody nose, and swollen lips and Kelly had some pretty significant scratches from her left eye down to the base of her nose. As the sun gained altitude, Oogle instructed, “Reflect the light out of amulet onto floor.” Even though I cherished the amulet, it still draped forgotten around my neck. I had done as instructed. Like magic, the stones rippled, and where there was once stone was now a black liquid suspended in its space. Kelly walked through like it was nothing, and Alicia and I both exchanged a look of disbelief. There was little doubt that we both felt like we knew nothing about the world all over again. Like the life we were living was the dream, and we were now just scratching the surface of reality for the first time. I followed behind Oogle. I watched him get sucked into the black looking ooze. Before entering myself, I reached a hand out and touched the entrance. It felt almost like freezing cold oil but didn’t stick to my fingers. Then I took a deep breath trying to get my courage up, silently counted backward from ten and walked through. After all, I had little choice, Alicia was behind me, and I didn’t want to look too pathetic. Once we all crossed it was crazy, to say the least. A black abyss surrounded us in an arch that was filled with specs of white light that looked like stars. “What is this place?” I said. “The fabric of space and time,” Kelly said without a second thought.

“Don’t touch that!” Kelly shouted. Alicia pulled back her hand and looked really startled. Kelly quickly explained that the fabric of space was sensitive and we had to not mess with anything, even a single touch in the wrong spot could cause a ripple effect throughout the entire universe and that we were just passing as observers. The farther we went down the tunnel, the brighter it got, and the wider the arch became until there was no longer an arch at all. Instead, we were standing on an entirely different planet. It was easy to distinguish this because the sky looked off, the sun was considerably smaller, and the moon looked about one-fourth the size of what I was used too, the crater patterns on its surface were more like an ink smudge. Looming in the distance was a familiar blue glow. At first glance, it looked like a second planet, the color of pale blue ocean water, but after staring long enough I could distinguish the bodies, it was no doubt the Earth and its Moon. The Earth was comparable in size to a pea and the Moon appeared as a tiny white heavenly body occupying its lower left hemisphere, it seemed no larger than what you expect the planet Saturn to look like from Earth’s surface. This was like something you’d expect to see on an episode of Star Trek (or possibly a dream, but not in person). Taking my focus from the sky, I noticed the sun temple was still intact and oddly appeared to be much the same. “So this is like another planet. Right?” I said. “Oogle brings you to Mars, as of now we have exactly two days left. But most important this is where we can find the Drake blood.” I took several deep breaths; I was astonished that I was able to breathe the air. I said, “How is this Mars? It doesn’t look red at all; it’s lush and green, with a blue sky? Mars is the red planet, it’s freezing cold and has an atmosphere that’s toxic to humans, right?” The thought of using temples and pyramids back on Earth as stargates to travel throughout the universe was exciting, to say the least. Someday I planned on having Oogle or Kelly take me on a long vacation to explore the rest of our galaxy, and maybe the home planet where my kind supposedly originated from. Kelly, now acting as our guide said, “Drake is a tad misleading, I think you call them Dragons on Earth. As far as Mars goes, it’s more or less Earth’s twin, Davis, it’s nothing like the fictional planet in your history books, built purely on speculation. We are currently in the city of Cydonia, it was made in honor of the God of War, known as Ares and Mars on Earth.” Listening to all of this, Alicia’s face was becoming increasingly tense. “I’m starting to regret coming along, Davis, I do love you but… being hunted by Chimeras, traveling through space and time with an imp and some wizard chick to other planets and killing dragons was not quite how I pictured my first serious relationship,” she said. “I’m sorry, I never planned for any of this… Honest…” I stammered. “Don’t apologize to a human, Davis, you are above her, she should be trembling at your feet, begging to be in your presence, if she only knew who you truly were,” Kelly suggested. “Look, I didn’t even know who I was until recently, so I don’t expect anything from her other than treating me the way she always has. It seems to have worked so far, so why fix something that’s not broken?” Once we were back down below our horses were still waiting, lashed to the boulder. But something was different about them; they had horns on their heads. Oddly they didn’t travel with us, yet they were somehow here. I figured it must have had something to do with the boulder Oogle conjured. Apparently, when enchanted horses get warped through space and time, they become unicorns. Go figure. We all saddled up, our new destination was Olympus Mons (I remember learning about how it’s like the largest volcano in the solar system). And talk about fast, maybe it’s because

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