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Mars has less gravity,

Mars has less gravity, well at least that’s what they taught us in science class or the horn is like an Energizer battery, because we moved at speeds that would make even the Flash envious. Our plan involved heading to Olympus Mons, a volcano in this region that had a dragon nesting inside the lava tunnels or possibly the volcano itself. And we needed to somehow survive the heat just long enough to find the dragon and get its blood. I had a feeling that the dragon would not just hand us over its blood willingly, and this quest was going to get very dangerous! I looked over at Kelly, “So do we have to kill the dragon for its blood?” I shouted. Kelly glanced over at me sitting deep down in her saddle, “No clue,” she pulled the left reign up to her hip gesturing her horse to slow down. “I’ve never seen a dragon before they are super rare. But I hear they are immune to magic, only a handful of wizards been able to control a dragon—force might be our only option unless that imp of yours has a better plan.”

SEVENTEEN A GIFT FROM ARES As we roared over the landscape, I realized Mars was not how I pictured it from all the hype about the “Red Planet” back home. The fine soil was the color of a copper penny, and the landscape was hilly and even mountainous. Plant life seemed abundant, and the sky was dark blue with large billowing cumulus clouds lazing about. The air was crisp and smelled of morning dew; there was little doubt that this truly was Earth’s twin. A metallic object caught my eye in the distance, the sun was reflecting off it. “What’s that contraption,” I asked, pointing out into the northern prairie. “That’s one of those NASA rovers they sent here. Most Martians respect exploration of our planet and even dust off their solar panels to help keep them running,” Kelly explained. “This is so freaking cool, they have to know there is life here. Makes me wonder what else they don’t tell us,” I said. We galloped east of the temple, looking for leads on any dragon sightings from the locals. I was still adjusting to riding a unicorn (the horn was a bit unnerving, it looked razor sharp) let alone having to mingle with aliens. After a short journey, we reached a small village, where Oogle introduced us to the local aliens. They were little people with large ovular-heads, light olive skin, and dark black saucer shaped eyes. They didn’t have much in the way of architectural advancement; they lived rather simply in mud huts like some of the most primitive tribes back home. After we had been acquainted, Kelly asked the locals about dragons. Most didn’t know anything, but one couple said a dragon living in a nearby volcano had been eating their griffons. Griffons, like my adventure was not already weird enough. I said, “Are the griffons here half eagle and half lion, like in Greek mythology?” “I’m not very familiar with animal names on Earth, so how about you look for yourself?” the male alien said. As we followed the two aliens, Kelly explained how griffon eggs and meat are prized on Mars, like chickens back on Earth. There were dozens of griffons out in the pasture. They were huge, with impressive wingspans. Eagle heads look cool on birds, but on these they looked damn scary. A few were lashed to fence posts. “I see nothing is keeping them from flying away? Also, why are those six tied and not free roaming like the rest?” I said. “We clip their wings, they can still lift off the ground and glide a bit. But we never had one escape; the fences are tall enough to keep them grounded. And those six are trained flying mounts, so they need to stay tied until we are finished up with them, so they don’t fly off,” said the female alien, her eyes filled with excitement. Oogle arranged for our unicorns to stay at their stable and rest and for each of us to borrow a griffon for the remainder of the journey; they lent us three of them. Mine was named Moonspirit. They all looked pretty much the same, and it was hard to tell them apart with their indistinguishable

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