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“Well first off, I am

“Well first off, I am a Princess.” She locked eyes with me for a reaction. Trying not to look stunned, I replied, “Yes…” “On Mars. I had run away from home, and my father has been looking for me.” I interrupted, saying, “So the Chimera… do you think your dad sent it?” “Bingo. I had a couple of reasons for running away. One was to find that necklace you are now wearing.” “That was the only way you could do it?” I asked. “Well, yeah—I want my dad to give me the same respect he gives my two younger brothers.” She paused looking at me. I figured she was making sure that I seemed intent and interested. She continued, “Back on Mars my family overthrew the Olympians after they took us in as family and shared all their knowledge. The twelve leaders of the Anunnaki were my ancient ancestors.” She gazed at me to see if I was following her. Satisfied I was, she went on. “You see we originated from a dying planet named Nibiru. The inhabitants made settlements on Earth and Mars. They disagreed with how Olympians ruled and felt they had more right to the Earth since their planet orbited it.” She again locked eyes with me. “Now this part concerns you. Your kind comes from the constellation Libra, from a planet roughly three times the size of Earth.” A light bulb went off over my head. “Wait a minute. I remember reading something about this constellation in a magazine. It has planets that are thought most habitable by earthlings. One called Gliese, something or other. And oh yeah I remember now. It has a red sun. Right?” “That’s right. Of course, there is a lot of mythology regarding justice and equality about Libra in some cultures, mostly Middle Eastern, but what you just said is the latest scientific info.” “So I’m not an earthling by birth. Is that what you mean?” “Yes,” she said. A strange stirring of emotions washed over me, something I couldn’t describe but I knew it made me feel closer to her. She leaned forward and kissed my lips. While it’s true I did linger too long, and I didn’t break away as I should have, that became irrelevant as Alicia strolled into the barn. I looked up, feeling my cheeks turn red with guilt. I was too shocked to notice Alicia’s reaction. “Wait…I…” She stormed off. Climbing to my feet I chased after her, but by the time I caught up with her she was mounted on her pony and I was eating his dust. Over her shoulder she spat, “Save it, Davis. It’s getting old. I think it’s time for us to split.” My heart fluttered as I mounted my horse and with my knees I goaded him to go faster: we were in hot pursuit. Nearing twilight, second thoughts washed over me. She had a pretty good lead, and I didn’t have Oogle around to snap my horse into hyper mode. Part of me wanted to keep chasing after her. But I knew it wouldn’t make sense. If and when she wanted to talk to me again, she would let me know. I pulled on the reins and turned my horse around, galloping back across the shadowed landscape. When I got back to the barn, Grandpa and Grandma were there taking a stroll. Waffles was frisking around at their heels, and they were enjoying her company. Kelly had gone, and the old folks kept on their stroll around the ranch. With my recent women problems, I figured I could use a male around… so I called on Oogle. He was prompt as usual. I told him what Kelly had said about my heritage. Oogle scratched his chin. “Perhaps Oogle tells Master of his heritage.” Oogle told me in great detail about Mount Olympus, it was more or less a souped-up version of Noah’s ark that was capable of interstellar travel through the cosmos and appeared divine by meeting

the rigorous criteria for heaven if you were ever lucky enough to visit the city surrounding the throne room. He also touched on my role in things that he had been alluding to. He said, “Oogle know what Master think. You think you are only a teenager on Earth and have much confusion about identity. Master shows Oogle he is great already, but Oogle no think Master see his own accomplishments. You have big destiny.” My eyes fixated on his big bulgy twinkling eyes as he continued. “Yes, it is true. You and you alone must make choice that has no good outcome but will change much. Master needs training; a rogue planet with an elongated orbit is whirring through space. It is heading directly for Earth, much bad come with its arrival in just ten days’ time.” My gulp must have been audible, as Oogle cocked his head honing his ears. “When…when will it hit?” I asked. “No... Not hit Earth, during the crossing is the only time the curse can be lifted from the Olympians… much bad for mankind, if no save.” I shook my head, sat down on a bale of hay and lapsed deep into thought. How weird. But then again how normal was slaying dragons and mermaids and gathering horn dust? Oogle had more to say. “Time is short, master must speak with the dolphins and whales to find out the location of Olympus, tomorrow master must accept his role as our savior or all is lost. These are the elder Olympians, and they have been cursed to be creatures of the sea. Poseidon was forced to use his powers to transform himself and all of the Olympians into sea dwellers.” I remembered what Kelly said, regarding the prophecy inscribed on my necklace. This had to be part of that I thought. I took a deep breath and then poured my heart out to Oogle, “I do accept my destiny, I’m not sure I want it. But it seems I have little say in the matter, no matter how hard I seem to resist it, there is no stopping what is to come. That is what I accept, I know things are in motion that are currently beyond my understanding and that the Gods need me to rescue them from their curse. But how can I accomplish this in under ten days, I don’t even know where to start or what is required of me,” I explained. All the pent up emotions were now surfacing, I felt so powerless and so many feelings both good and evil washed over me. I felt so scared and alone, I just wished everything was back to normal and that I was back home in Pennsylvania with my parents in our old house, in my old life. But I knew that was not in my cards, and I accepted that they were indeed gone forever. Tears poured down my cheeks, and my body trembled uncontrollably. I could feel the sensation of my powers, and it felt like lightning was going to erupt from my hands at any moment, I screamed, “TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO. TELL ME!” Oogle pressed his pointer finger to my forehead, and I had another vision. It was of Alicia, Kelly, and me beckoning the Goddess Artemis. We were performing a strange ritual, and chanting her name.” After I had snapped out of my trance, I looked Oogle deep in his twinkling eyes. “Master call to her; she and Hades last of your kin in realm. Convince goddess to help, master need shown way to Oracle of Delphi, there master find what need for destiny. Once master has mark of Apollo, then find Rod of Knowing. Only special being can use rod. Must have mark of Apollo or rod is just stick. Master is destined to bear mark of Apollo and have gift of prophecy.” Before I could ask another question, in a “poof” Oogle was gone; he was not one to stick around and chitchat, always right to the point and gone. This was a lot to digest. One day I’m a run of the mill high school kid. My biggest problem is trying to be popular and finding a date for prom. Now I’m supposed to be some sort of savior and bear the

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