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likes to test me and see

likes to test me and see if I can do things on my own. I believe that we’ll have a wait till he shows up again.” Kelly said, “What did he tell you?” “That there are only a few gods left that haven’t been cursed to the sea.” “Like who?” Alicia asked. “Well... Hades is one, and according to Oogle Artemis may still be around. She might be able to help us if she is so inclined.” Kelly said, “And what would make her so inclined?” I gulped. “What do you know about Artemis?” I asked her. “She’s the chick that looks out for young women. Isn’t she? And she hunts. She’s the one with the bow and arrow. Right?” “Well yeah, but she’s a lot more than that. She’s the daughter of Zeus and one of the most revered goddesses.” I wasn’t about to tell them everything about Artemis. Like the stuff about virgin bait that I recalled from my vision. Alicia said, “What did Oogle say we would have to do to get to her. To find her.” “He said very little, he more or less showed me a vision of how we need to summon her. In the vision we offered... I mean showed her a young woman in distress. To do that we’d need a white candle, some white altar cloth, and some white robes. And a symbol of the moon, and animals. There may be more.” Kelly said, “Well, you guys sit here and think about it while I go back for some bed sheets. Will that do?” I said, “I hope so.” While she was gone Alicia and I gazed into the fire. It was cold at the edges of the campfire. We huddled together and it was nice. We said little, but when the stars came out, I pointed to the night sky. “See that shiny star over by the mountains. That’s Venus, the closest planet to the sun. They named a crater on Venus after her. The Artemis Chasma.” “Did Oogle tell you this?” “No,” I said, “I guess I just always been a huge fan of Greek mythology and astrology like I always felt I didn’t belong.” Before I could think about it anymore, Kelly came back carrying the sheets and the candles. I asked, “Uh did you think about the symbol for the moon?” She pulled out a yellow cardboard crescent. “Made it myself,” she said. I found a nice flat rock for an altar and laid the cloth over it. “Let me see, “I wondered aloud. “What’s next? Oh yeah. Carve Artemis’s name into the candle. Then set them up in four directions.” We all did that. Next, I poured water from my canteen on our hands and we washed them, drying them at the fire. The girls looked expectantly at me. I suggested the next thing we should do is fashion robes out of the sheets and use one sheet for the altar. “Okay,” I said, “we sit around the altar and think about Artemis and what she might mean to us.” Alicia’s smile washed off of her face, she now seemed confused. Kelly said, “I can think of times and a particular time when I needed Artemis’s protection.” “Concentrate on her,” I said. “Her virtues.” Alicia then added, “Me too.” I knew why I needed Artemis. After we had taken part in a group mindfest, we tried to visualize her, get her scent. “Okay,” I said, “now it’s time for the chant. Just follow me.”

Young maidens we are for thee to claim By sacred candle and blessed flame We beseech thee goddess and call thy name We invoke thee We invoke thee We invoke thee Hail Goddess Artemis We all looked at each other expectantly. While the clouds did scud across the moon, there was no poof, no burst of smoke or anything much out of the ordinary. We repeated the chant dozens of times expecting a revelation…or something…but nothing happened. I was sure I had done everything right or was I doing something wrong. My mind went into overdrive trying to come up with a logical answer. I didn’t want to fail and look like an idiot in front of my friends… after all, I was destined to be the savior, at least that’s what Oogle lead me to believe. Out of nowhere a lone dove landed by the fire, it flapped its wings and then tucked them in and settled down. Everyone was spooked. The dove cocked its head looking at us all and then flew off into the night sky making whistling noises. “Oh my gods, like I think she heard us Davis,” Kelly cried. “Do you smell that?” Alicia said. “I think she heard our call, but I don’t remember seeing a dove in my vision.” The sweet fragrance of jasmine became overwhelming I averted my eyes from the fire so I could see better in the darkness and that’s when I saw her emerge from the desert beyond the fire. I knew it was her when she stood before the fire looking at us. She was every inch the Goddess. She wore a short, white knee length dress, Greek lace up sandals, her hair was light blonde and draped over her shoulder in French braids, and topped with a silver laurel wreath headband. The traditional silver bow was slung across her back with a quiver of silver arrows. She had a regal bearing and like I said, there was no doubt she was a Goddess. I started stammering. “I uh... thank you so much for coming, Goddess. We need your help.” She looked from Alicia to Kelly. “Which of these young maidens hath called upon me?” I was stuck. She watched as my eyes ratcheted from one to the other. Then she said, “Thee doth realizeth th’re may beest a sacrifice involv’d.” I shook my head. “No, I didn’t.” I knew it wasn’t a good idea to lie to a Goddess but the truth was I didn’t know how it worked. I blurted, “It’s me, Goddess. I have the problem. Would you please listen?” Though her gaze was serene, I didn’t know whether to expect an arrow in my gut at any minute or what. Finally, she nodded, and I began my story, trying hard not to leave anything out, I told her how I lost my parents, rescued my grandfather, and found out that it was my destiny to save the Olympian gods. When I was done she said, “Thee doth forsooth has’t a gentle causeth and one most wondrous’r than any maiden in distress, esc’rt thee to thine campeth Davis, alloweth us break with this matt’r furth’r.” She pursed her lips and let out an ear-piercing whistle, and in a blink of an eye, a chariot that looked like it came straight out of a Roman coliseum rolled into our camp. It was pulled by two large stags, like picture a typical deer, but white and make it ten times bigger, and then make it glow like moonlight…now you get the picture. The Stags pulled the chariot so fast that it stirred up a small dust storm. Artemis reached her hand out and beckoned that we come to her, she sprinkled orange looking

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