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embers over the stags

embers over the stags and chariot, it reminded me of pixie dust from Neverland and then she asked us to hop on, and we did. My heart was beating fast as I was excited to have divine guidance. I didn’t feel so alone in all of this anymore and I think the girls felt the same way judging by how eagerly they complied.

TWENTY I VISIT THE ORACLE OF DELPHI Nothing starts off the perfect morning like a long enchanted chariot ride, with a beautiful divine female. The morning sky was a blush of dark purple and pink; we rode in silence, the fragrance of jasmine was intense, and I wondered if Artemis always smelled like that or if her scent changed with her mood or location. The arid desert melted away into a lush oasis, as we neared a camp filled with dozens of huge tipi style tents, I noticed Kelly’s shoulders tensing up. I wasn’t sure what was bothering her, but after all the time together on the road, I could tell when something was. As I made my way through the camp, I said hi to a few of the huntresses, but none of them acknowledged me like I was invisible or something. The tipis lined the parameter in a square formation and then there was an enormous circus-size tent in the center which I assumed belonged to Artemis. We made our way to the center of the camp, following the goddess. Two young ladies came out of the large central tipi, both holding spears and wearing full heavy leather armor; they looked both sexy and intimidating . They had on bracers, gauntlets, pauldrons, and breastplates that all looked handcrafted and decorated with brass accents and etched with vine patterns. “Welcometh to mine own campeth, these art mine own two most trusted huntresses Lieutenant Chloe Andreas and Second Lieutenant Leah Maras. Those shall assisteth me with tracking the oracle. As we were about to enter the tipi, Kelly pulled me aside. “Davis this seems too easy, nothing is ever this simple for us, I think it’s a trap.” “Let’s just assume it is and be ready for anything,” I said. Kelly nodded. Once inside Chloe, Leah, Alicia, and Artemis gathered in the center. The goddess and huntresses were working together feverishly, mixing a bunch of strange looking ingredients into a clay bowl. Once finished Artemis invited me over. “Drinketh this, Davis, if ‘t be true thou art w’rthy of seeking the Oracle of Delphi h’r scent shall beest known to us, only then can we track h’r.” “Is it safe?” I said warily. “If ‘t be true thee cannot trusteth me, whom can thee trusteth young one?” I glanced at Alicia’s face and her smile was reassuring, then I glanced over at Kelly, and her face screamed don’t do it! I figured my odds were fifty, fifty at this point that if it was a trap we were probably toast and if I refused we were way outnumbered, so I chugged it down… man was it gross, the concoction had the consistency of slime and tasted like a mud and earwax flavored jellybean smoothie. I had to fight myself not to barf it back up. After a few minutes, a faint, moon-like glow enveloped me and started to spread in a trail over the ground. “Thou art w’rthy, Davis, alloweth us maketh haste while the trail is still green,” Artemis bellowed.

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