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Petros, and I was born

Petros, and I was born in Hania one of the larger towns in Crete.” I noticed her eyes dimming, her shoulders slouch, and lips pursing. “What’s wrong?” “I just miss my home, I’ve spent so much time out here in the desert that my memories of the sea are all but faded, I have trouble anymore recalling the sound of waves lapping at the surf or the briny smell of the seashore.” I thought about how lonely it must be to be immortal, it made me feel horrible for her. Like how can anyone be isolated to their own conversations for thousands of years, it must have been hellish. “Now that I have introduced myself, may we proceed with why you are really here?” “My guardian Oogle put me on this path, he said I needed your mark to complete my quest.” “It’s not my mark, it belongs to Lord Apollo… but it is my burden and mine to give to a worthy vessel. I deem you a worthy vessel if you accept Davis?” “Will it hurt?” “No, but the temperature shift around you will feel frigid and it will drain my life force since it’s the only thing keeping me alive… but you would be doing me an honor to pass my gift, as I am tired and wish to be amongst my family in my promised blessed life in the Fields of Elysium.” “So… you really want to die???” “My life has been long and I accept this fate, it’s only the divine energy inside this vessel keeping me alive. I don’t like to think of it as death Davis, it’s more like a caterpillar leaving its cocoon as a butterfly to experience a new phase of existence, in that sense I embrace the afterlife.” “I can’t take your life… it doesn’t feel right.” “Look under my pillow, I know the questions you seek answers to, I am a prophet after all.” I glanced down at her pillow and flipped it over. Underneath was another old looking parchment paper, stained yellow. It was another prophecy; the writing was in ancient Greek. The letters danced around the page until they read as English to me. The first half I recognized, it was the same nonsense Kelly read to me that’s inscribed on my amulet. A child conceived of blood and foam Shall walk this path by choice alone His weakness is a friend that’s foe I continued reading the second half. In the land of death, a choice to make that’s his alone Gods betrayed by the eldest son to undo what once be done Olympus or Earth the price be weighed At the end of the prophecy it said, “Sorry Davis, I knew you would never be able to harm me… So, I’ve taken the liberty of taking my own life. If you wish to bear the mark of Apollo, just kiss me on the lips or don’t, the choice is yours.” I heard a loud thud and looked up, the Oracle was on the floor belly up with a dagger buried deep in her chest. Blood pooled on her dress. The last words I read resonated over and over in my skull… I knew I had to make a choice before it was too late, but ultimately I knew this was my fate. So, I did the unthinkable, I leaned in and kissed her soft trembling lips. She instantly gasped as if her breath was being stolen by me, her brightly glowing eyes dimmed to a flicker and then extinguished altogether, a white smoke poured into my mouth choking me and then it was over. She was gone. I folded up the prophecy and tucked it into my pocket. I glanced into the mirror, and the color of my eyes swirled from green to blue as if they were trying to find their balance. They did not glow like the

Oracle’s thank the gods! I walked over to the Oracle and wiped my hand over her now brown eyes that were staring to the heavens, she had a perpetual smile plastered on her face. I guess she actually did embrace her own death. Instead of getting answers to my questions I was left with even more, like this new half of the prophecy what did it mean? And me bearing the mark of Apollo did it make me immortal as well? How did it work? These were some of the questions I had swimming around in my head, driving me crazy. I left the tent and walked toward my timeline where I initially entered, I could see a campfire burning on the other side and Artemis’s chariot parked, it appeared dark there… but it was sunny and appeared high noon here, which I found very peculiar. When I glanced back to say goodbye the tent was no longer there, so I whispered a silent prayer that she made it to her destination and was with family as I stepped through the timeline anxious to be back with my friends. *** The following morning, Artemis and her huntress returned to camp, we joined them as their honored guests. Apparently, the Oracle of Delphi was lost to them for a very long time and now that energy flowed through me. Like there was defiantly something different about me …but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what changed. I just knew something about me felt off like I was more connected to the world around me, and my emotional senses seemed heightened. But other than that I was unsure. When the sun sank beneath the horizon and nights shadow gripped the land, blanketing it in darkness. Artemis had us all gather by a blazing hearth in the center of camp. Dozens of Huntress gathered shoulder to shoulder, making a sea of living flesh. I glanced at both Alicia and Kelly and their expressions were audible. If we were ever in grave danger, the time was now. Alicia, Kelly, and I all pushed together back to back, my hand rested on Kerauno ready to fight if necessary. A familiar voice boomed into my head, it was Oogle. “Davis honored guest, goddess mean no harm.” My shoulders slackened, hearing Oogle relieved my fears. I stepped forward losing my grip on my swords hilt. Alicia and Kelly followed my lead and we joined into the festivities. It seemed that I was being honored and Artemis, she was bestowing a gift upon me. After a huge feast of fresh fruits, raw vegetables, freshly roasted meats, and cheese. Artemis beckoned for me to join her by the hearth. I glanced around, searching the sea of bodies for Oogle, but as usual my advanced A.I. was nowhere to be seen…like he was the worse protector and advisor in history! Artemis revealed a black velvet pouch the length of a bottle. It was tied shut by a black lace. I untied the lace. Inside was a strange knotted sick with odd symbols. The symbols appeared to be an incantation. When the stick touched my fingers I felt a strange sensation and the most peculiar thing happened, the stick glowed, emitting a faint blue light. “As I suspect’d thou art the chosen se’r Davis, thee high-lone shalt writeth the st’ry of the god’s,” Artemis said. “And if I refuse?” “Davis, thee has’t been chosen by the gods to beareth the gift of sight. T is thy sacr’d duty to shareth thy gift with those whom art w’rthy of seeing past ‘r future events.” Artemis looked deep into Davis’ eyes, her liquid moon-like eyes piercing his own. “One cannot simply refuseth thy fate. Davis, thou art the charm yond weaves ev’rything togeth’r—you’ve been known by many names in the past. doth thee accepteth this hon’r and gage thy allegiance to Olympus?” What she said sounded like lunacy on the surface, but deep down in the pit of my stomach I knew truth resonated in her words. It was hard to believe. I learned that much first hand with all the

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