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CIS 407 DeVry iLab 6 of 7 latest

CIS 407 DeVry iLab 6 of 7

CIS 407 DeVry iLab 6 of 7 latest Downloading is very simple, you can download this Course here: Or Contact us at: SUPPORT@WISEAMERICAN.US CIS 407 DeVry iLab 6 of 7 Latest CIS407 CIS 407 DeVry iLab 6 of 7 Latest iLab 6 of 7: Login and Security Levels Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. (See “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” in the Syllabus for due dates.) i L A B O V E R V I E W Scenario/Summary In this week’s lab, we will create a login form, validate a user based on their login name and password, and allow them to access the system or not. We will assign a session variable to determine the level of security the user has and allow certain functions to be displayed or not displayed in the existing frmPersonnel form depending on the assigned security level. (NOTE: In some cases the instructions for this lab will be less specific than in earlier labs, because you are expected to apply what you have learned in earlier weeks. Refer to the detailed instructions in previous weeks’ labs if you need to do so.) Instructions for Week 6 iLab: Login and Security Levels Click on the link above to view the tutorial. Please watch this tutorial before beginning the iLab. The tutorial has audio. Deliverables When you try to log in, if you use User Name = Mickey and Password = Mouse, the frmMain form should open with all links visible. If you use User Name = Minnie and Password = Mouse, the frmMain form should open with only the Salary Calculator, View Personnel, and Search options should be available. You will have a new option called Manage Users that will allow you to add new users and remove or update existing users. Once you have verified that it works, save your website, zip up all files, and submit in the Dropbox. Note on database connections: We are using a SQLDataSource control for the Edit employees feature we added. You should be using the connection string stored in the web.config file for your database connection for this control. Rather than creating a new connection each time, just use this connection. If you change the folder where your website is (e.g., you copy each week’s work to a new location), you will need to update the web.config. The advantage of using the database connection in the web.config is that you only have to set the configuration in one location. Before starting this week’s lab, make sure everything is working and that all database connections are properly configured. i L A B S T E P S STEP 1: Login Form (10 points)