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Heartbeat Christian News - 1st Quarter 2017 - COLT

Heartbeat Christian News - 1st Quarter 2017 for the Collegedale-Ooltewah-S. Cleveland, TN area. Visit us online at

Are You Sure? You ARE in

Are You Sure? You ARE in THAT Number Continued from page 1 ­ God is a killer! 1Samuel 2:6 "The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up.". What is my point? My point is that no part of the word of God teaches us that we are easing into glory. I'm not trying to scare you but I am. Meaning the fear of the Lord, according to the scripture, is the BEGINNING of wisdom AND knowledge and hardly any Christians are taught that anymore. God doesn't owe us anything; period! Not to mention, God has finished His plan of salvation and it's up to us to seek it out and believe it and live by it. Too many Christians live just like the world and assume that God is going to accept them. Don't believe that lie! Listen closely to these numbers to give you an idea of how many of certain generations made it. According to history, Moses led approximately 3.5 million people out of Egypt. ONLY 2 in that generation made it to the promised land. God narrowed Gideon's army down from 10,000 to only 300. Of the tens of thousands who witnessed the miracles of Jesus, only about 120 went to the Jesus is Lord BUT He can't help you if you don't submit to Him! upper room. That is even with the scripture teaching us that over 500 saw Him after He rose from the dead. All throughout the bible, we are taught that only a remnant shall be saved. Definition of remnant: a usually small part, member, or trace remaining. Have you not read the scripture which says “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”? Even the apostle Paul said in 2Timothy 1:15 "This thou knowest, that all they which are in Asia be turned away from me; . . . .". This was after Paul had done a great work there and God had confirmed it with many signs and miracles and wonders. This is a bold statement but I hope this article scares the hell out of you; meaning all those worldly ways you have in your life. God demands His people to separate themselves from the unclean thing. That means the things which had you in bondage before God saved you. This is warfare and the devil is the master deceiver and the god of this earth; that is, all your fleshly senses including the imagination of your mind. There are a great many people who are 'at ease in Zion' who think they are on easy street to heaven and are, in actuality, missing God. If things are going very smoothly for you then the devil has you right where he wants you.

1st Week of March 2017 “Prophetic” Word by Brother Sharpe! The Word of the Lord came to me saying “Yea my chosen remnant, Hear me this day what the Spirit would say to you My church. Your eyes have not seen or your ears have not heard what is about to come upon all the face of the earth. There shall be trouble in the heavens and trouble in the earth as great signs of blood and pillows of smoke and fire that I will cause to come upon this nation. The oceans and waves will roar as never before as even spoken by my prophets. Woe unto the coastal cities and all inhabitants even near the coast. I say to you the earth shall no longer hide the evil or cover the signs going on. Yea the earth beneath your feet shall be troubled and shake as never before in history. The hell beneath you and the volcanos and mountains around you and even the deserts shall be shaken of an angry God. Man has become evil and all have corrupted your thoughts with the sin pollutions. Yea I say to you my people I am not pleased with the homosexual spirit that has covered the whole earth. Even churches and the pulpits are filled with this awful spirit of men with men, women with women. You have become immune to ME saith the Lord of Hosts and do not even blush at your abominations. I say unto you, you shall not escape my wrath. Your churches have held back my truth and refused to preach the gospel of the kingdom. Yea I will trouble you with perplexities and great hardships as never before saith the Lord. Yea I will have your president on worldwide telecast from his oval office when the camera gets on him, you will see tears run down his face reporting the disasters that has hit America. Yea I say unto you My chosent that an anointing is coming upon you my obedient and dedicated ones will not be just to edify you but to warn you. The church now only wants edifying but I say that my wrath shall be loosed on the earth. I will speak in the byways and hedges in this hour even to the many that has been held back from obeying me. Those that love me and desire to worship me in spirit and truth, I say to my chosen, let not your hearts be troubled neither be afraid. For in Me, you will have peace. I say again to you I AM hath come down to deliver you and my words are Spirit and they are life. To those who find it and hear my voice. My sheep hear my voice and I do hear their cry. Have no fear for I am here saith the Lord. I will never leave you or forsake you my chosen ones. Comfort ye one another with my words. If you like the straight, hard truth, unadulterated, then come hear Brother Sharpe every Wednesday at 7:30pm and every Sunday at 10:30am at Truth Tabernacle Church. Located at 703 S. Jackson St. in Athens, TN. Farmer Joe's Day In Court Farmer Joe decided his injuries from the accident were serious enough to take the trucking company (responsible for the accident) to court. In court, the trucking company's fancy lawyer was questioning farmer Joe. "Didn't you say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine?," questioned the lawyer. Farmer Joe responded, "Well I'll tell you what happened. I had just loaded my favorite mule Bessie into the......." "I didn't ask for any details," the lawyer interrupted, "just answer the question. Did you not say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine!'" Farmer Joe said, "Well I had just got Bessie into the trailer and I was driving down the road..." The lawyer interrupted again and said, "Judge, I am trying to establish the fact that, at the scene of the accident, this man told the Highway Patrolman on the scene that he was just fine. Now several weeks after the accident he is trying to sue my client. I believe he is a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question." By this time the Judge was fairly interested in Farmer Joe's answer and said to the lawyer, "I'd like to hear what he has to say about his favorite mule Bessie." Joe thanked the Judge and proceeded, "Well as I was saying, I had just loaded Bessie, my favorite mule, into the trailer and was driving her down the highway when this huge semi­truck and trailer ran the stop sign and smacked my truck right in the side. I was thrown into one ditch and Bessie was thrown into the other. I was hurting real bad and didn't want to move. However, I could hear ole Bessie moaning and groaning. I knew she was in terrible shape just by her groans. Shortly after the accident a Highway Patrolman came on the scene. He could hear Bessie moaning and groaning so he went over to her. After he looked at her he took out his gun and shot her between the eyes. Then the Patrolman came across the road with his gun in his hand and looked at me. He said, "Your mule was in such bad shape I had to shoot her. How are you feeling?"

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