East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Plan by Chris Devins


Street Commercial Corridor Plan is a comprehensive commercial real estate development plan that envisions the future of the East 39th Street Commercial
Corridor and the surrounding 2 mile trade area in Chicago, based on current demographic, real estate market, zoning, land use, political and commercial business data. For more visit Chris Devins Creative on the web. https;//chrisdevinscreative.com


Bronzeville is located on the mid-south

side of Chicago, Illinois and is generally

considered to be bounded by 22nd

Street on the north, 67th Street on the

south, Stewart Street on the west, and

Lake Michigan (north of 47th), Drexel

Blvd., (47th to 51st), and Cottage Grove

(51st to 67th) on the east.

Chicago’s version of the Harlem Renaissance

happened in Bronzeville.

Bronzeville was home to famous African-Americans

like Lorraine Hansberry,

Gwendolyn Brooks, Richard Wright,

Louis Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Ida

B Wells, Jack Johnson and others. From

the 1920s to the 1940s Bronzeville was

second only to Harlem as a center of

Black culture. Bronzeville had its problems,

as well. Black Chicagoans were

restricted by City Hall from renting and

buying property outside of the “Black

Belt”. In 1941 the Ida B Wells housing

project was built to provide housing

and a step up for low and middle income

families, many just starting out.

However, after years of operation Ida

B Wells/Madden Park began to suffer

like the city’s other housing projects

from deferred maintenance, the loss

of middle income renters to tenants on

government assistance and apartments

with too many bedrooms. The latter led

to an abnormally high child to adult ra-


Figure 2 Bronzeville, Chicago Source: Wikipedia

Bronzeville, Chicago