East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Plan by Chris Devins


Street Commercial Corridor Plan is a comprehensive commercial real estate development plan that envisions the future of the East 39th Street Commercial
Corridor and the surrounding 2 mile trade area in Chicago, based on current demographic, real estate market, zoning, land use, political and commercial business data. For more visit Chris Devins Creative on the web. https;//chrisdevinscreative.com



It is well known that while people

tend not to shop locally for retail

items like clothing, accessories etc,

preferring to go “downtown” to the

Central Business District, they will

shop for services in the neighborhood.

Services increase daytime

foot traffic, an important factor in

the health of any commercial corridor

and bring much-needed local

employment. East 39th has three

service businesses, making up 5% of

the corridor’s total land use.

Figure 10 Older Mixed Use on East 39th Street

Source: The Author


Two alcohol stores, Rothschild’s and

Vegas significantly impact East Pershing

Road in a negative way. They are

clustered, which increases their impact.

The alcohol use on the corridor

is 100% off-premises, which is known

to contribute negatively to the surrounding

community. Off premise

use in the overall Chicago area is only

53%. Both Vegas and Rothschild’s

are located near schools and homes.


39th street has three restaurants:

Pearl’s, Sneak Peek, and the Chicago

Rib House and a fast food establishment,

Baba’s Steak and Lemonade.

They constitute 5% of the land use

on the corridor.


East 39th street has one motel, the

Amber Inn, which though it provides

customers for Pearl’s Place

Restaurant, has raised community

resident’s concern and perception of

prostitution and drug trafficking.

Sale of Goods

This general land use category includes

outside display, and retail

stores selling used goods. When

located on small parcels, near residential

neighborhoods, and where

the premises are not properly maintained,

these land uses can have an

adverse impact on the community.

Residents don’t like the open display

of washing machines, furniture, etc

at used goods stores and fear that

the merchandise may include stolen

property. Used goods stores are associated

with negative perceptions

that can adversely affect a corridor’s


Auto Related

The sole automobile use in the study

area is a CITGO Gasoline Station. The

station is clean, well lit and maintained

and appears to have no negative

impact on the surrounding area.

When the 3000 unit CHA mixed-income

Oakwood Shores Development

is finished, there will be a real need

for this station.

Health Center

There are two health Centers on

the corridor that actively contribute

positively economically and healthwise

to Bronzeville. Bronzeville

Medical Center was established in

1980 and incorporated in Illinois. This

company has annual revenue of less