East 39th Street Commercial Corridor Plan by Chris Devins


Street Commercial Corridor Plan is a comprehensive commercial real estate development plan that envisions the future of the East 39th Street Commercial
Corridor and the surrounding 2 mile trade area in Chicago, based on current demographic, real estate market, zoning, land use, political and commercial business data. For more visit Chris Devins Creative on the web. https;//chrisdevinscreative.com


As stated above, the East Pershing

Commercial Corridor, is locked in on

both sides with uninformative highway

signage and blocks of empty

lots as you approach from both the

east and the west, making what few

stores that are present there difficult

to find. Interstate 90/94 forms

a barrier that effectively cuts East

Pershing off from neighborhoods

to the west. This cuts the corridor

off from the spending potential of

the thousands of White Sox fans

who park at US Cellular Field’s 39th

street parking lot and from the over

274,000 commuters who pass 39ith

on 90/94 daily. West 39th attracts

truck drivers passing 39th with a

cluster of truck stop restaurants.

However, truck traffic is neither

desired nor appropriate for East

39th street. Still, someone exiting

from the major arteries to both the

east and the west must drive two

to three blocks before coming upon

the East Pershing Commercial Corridor.

To the east of Langley, substantial

improvements have been

made to the streetscape including

roadway plantings and open park


Figure 13 No Signage at I90/94 Looking East Source: Google Maps

Figure 14 I90/94 Exit at 39th No Signage Indicating Shopping

Source: Google Maps